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word intro

No description

mohammed zaki

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of word intro

Creating documents with Microsoft word 2010

create a new document and insert text
insert and format graphics
insert and modify text boxes and shapes
preview and print a document
change document and paragraph layout
create and modify lists
set and modify tab stops
insert smart art graphic
-type text
-select font and font size
-use formatting marks
-insert text from a file
format text using text effect
- shadowed or mirrored text
- text glow
- 3-D effect
- color that make text stand out
- pictures inserted into a
document often needed to be re-sized and repositioned
-using the sizing handles and rotate handle to make changes to your inserted picture
- pictures style include shapes, shadows, frames, borders and another special effects to stylize an image
-you can set a picture border
- you can set weight
- you can set dash style

select a preset or
you can set a picture effect (like shadow, reelection, glow, bevel, 3-D rotation)
artistic effects format make pictures looks like sketches or painting

(frames the page and it help to focus the information on the page)
setting margins
Using Tables and Templates to create
Résumé & Cover letters

Add text to table
Format Table
Create a new document from existing document
Use the proofing Options
Create Table
insert text into existing table
Rows or columns can be added anywhere in a table
table cells have black borders when created
Change and Recognize text
Create a Document Using a Template
word provides pre-designed templates for

letters, résumé, reports & other
What is Microsoft Word ?
word allows processing of textual information that may include the typing, editing and formatting of information by using various ways and printing if after processing according to the requirement.

The formatting can change the appearance of your text, size of text etc. You can change style, font, font size, Bold, Italic Underline, Highlight, Align left, Align right, Center, Justify, Numbering, Bullets, Decrease Indents, Increase Indents and Border Button.

The main functions of standard tool bar are New, Open, Save, Print, Print preview,- Cut, Copy, Paste, Format, printer, Undo, Redo, Auto format, Insert address, Insert table, Insert Microsoft, Excel Worksheet, Columns, Drawing, Show/Hide, Zoom control, Tip wizard and Help.

It allows to set border on the paragraphs, table bells, frames and graphics.

The page setup allows to set the margins define the paper size and its orientation, find the pap.er source and set page layout.

MS-Word comes with a number of built in styles that can be applied to both the document heading and normal text A style is a set of formatted characteristics which can quickly and easily paragraph and character formatting to text You can define the style by giving it name.

MS-Word allows you to adjust the number of blank lines of text, which is known as line spacing This makes the document more neat and clear.

MS-Word has facility of Header and Footers Header is a special text, which is often used for repeating and title of document from a page to page and entering page number at the bottom of the document For this you have to enter the text for header and footer once

MS-Word includes the capability to check the spelling and grammar in a document It will start checking the spelling of each word from top to bottom one by one If there is mistake of spelling or there is a word that is not in the dictionary then it will display a spelling dialog box which has dictionary of U.S English Grammatical errors can also be checked and removed by using Grammar facility provided by the MS-Word.

MS-Word has provided a facility to create tables automatically You can create a table having any number of rows and columns having different size of cells.
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