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How To Write An Article

Writing an article, in a few easy steps - aimed at students in grades 6 - 11

Sylwia Bielec

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of How To Write An Article

How to Write an Article Step 1: Who? What? When? Where? Why? Step 2: Gather Information Step 3: Write Your Article Do it yourself Step 4: Revise your Article Choose a Topic An article can be about Brainstorm Interests know or know MORE people events issue Who? Who is important in this issue?
who are the main players in this event? What? What happened or will happen?
What is important to know? When? When did it happen or will happen?
This is about TIME. Find out about:
Duration (how long?) Where? Where is this happening or will happen?
This is about LOCATION or PLACE.
Find out about:
city or town
type of landscape, ex.: urban Why? Why did this happen?
Why is this important?
This is about CAUSES, REASONS and RESULTS.
Find out about:
what people were thinking
what happened before
what will happen next Headline Lead Body Summary Choose an Image Broken school furniture in Malawi, Africa
photo by: Christopher Stonebanks Image Caption Whenever possible:
take your own photograph
draw your own picture Use one of these: you can download them from our web page Ask someone else use this: Or this: a person an event
a place an issue You are done! Here is a reminder of what you need to do to write an article:

Choose a topic
Gather information
Write the article
Revise the Article
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