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Ancient Greek Culture

Made by Tanner Phelan and Jenna Kelchen

Tanner Phelan

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Culture

Ancient Greek Cutlure Made by Tanner Phelan and Jenna Kelchen Polytheistic Religion olives&grapes Food Clothing Thought of art Music Entertainment Men and Women Slaves write a message on leather strips Communication Zeus Hades Poseidon took heavens throws lightening bolts shape-shifter took the sea raise hand & made islands appear Greeks were scared of him took under world "Soul of the Dead" Mt. Olympis sea foods meats vegetables hunt- deer, pigeons, rabbits gather berries&mushrooms wool in winter Women and Men perfumeboiling flowers and herbs linen in summer tunics&cloaks dyed bright colors bleached Main Foods No Breakfast made by female slaves Theaters a lot Weddings Men-Women Heath decorated houses- city state Relax SYRINX Wind Interments invented hat- petasos CONCH-SHELL AVLOS jewelry Percussion KROTALON KREMVALON KYMVALON SEISTRON Accessories peddlers pins rings earrings Not treated good you decode message wrap the strips of leather around a stick-scytale letters when lined up message shows Olympic Games Olympia wars on hold 5 days long no team sports foot races chariot races jumping contests throwing events wrestling pentathlon pankration women can't play Heraea married women no watching young women watch- husband winners get laurels get $ from city-state cheating- whipped in public Games Things to do animal bones Knucklebones 1. get small animal bones 2. place 5 bones on ground 3. pick up one bone, toss it in the air, pick up another bone before you catch the one in the air. 4. throw the 2 bones in your hand in the air and pick up another. 5. keep going until you drop one Object: pick up all 5 without dropping dice Games juggle crafts play with marbles gym- guys Places relax, exercise, bath, chat other places running, training, public baths, discussion rooms-speeches island-hopping touring Greece Naxos- famous for their marble and wine Chios- birthplace of Homer Ithaca- Odysseus home place plays sports Temples: Zeus Parthenon Erechtheum Women Rich:
Run house
Indoors Poor:
Market Outside chores Men Slaves Any one Couldn't do Use Name Vote School Punishment Branded whipped/ beaten Sold Locked up Women Slave Household Chores Greeks believed women are less intelligent or important Police men Factories Mines Carries owners weapons Ships Firewood Use name Rich:
Worked in politics Men Poor: slaves Effected Culture Wars-->different weapons Trade-close to ocean
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