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The Army

No description

Michael Sims

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of The Army

The Army Law,Public,safety,corrections, and Security Army Salary Job duties US Army active component: 539,675
US Army Reserve component: 557,375
Total Army: 1,097,050

The Basic Pay Generals, lieutenant Generals, Major Generals, Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Majors, Captians, 1st Lieutenants, 2nd Lieutenants, privates, specialists and others too Education How many people are in the Basic pay is the salary officers receive and depends on rank and time in service. An officer in the Army makes between $2,745.60 and $18,675.30 per month. Naturally, the lowest ranking, less experienced officers make less than senior officers. For example, a new 2nd lieutenant recently graduated from a university ROTC program or West Point without previous military experience makes $2,745.60 monthly. A captain with five years of service makes $4,883.40, while a major general with more than 30 years of service makes $13,219.20 per month. Degrees Colleges Tuition 1.Ashford University
2. Southern New Hampshire University
3. Walden University
4. Kaplan University
5. Grand Canyon University
6. Strayer University
7. Saint Joseph's University
8. Florida Tech University Online undergraduate graduate Audit $250/credit hour $325/ credit hour $230/credit hour degree in law enforcement. Psychology degree Information Technology degree Business administration degree
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