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The aztec world

No description

courtney pridgen

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of The aztec world

The aztec world
How did the aztec empire begin
The aztec went to a valley in mexico. They build a city called tenochtitlan.
What happened to the aztec
The aztec empire ended because spanish conquistadors killed every single person from the aztec.
What things did the aztec make
Some aztec people made lots of things like pyramids,paintings,statues,jewerly and clay pots.
The aztec made this pottery
What was aztec life like
Some aztec people were different.Some were rich nobles,farmers,warriors and some believed in god.
Aztec warriors
Spanish conquistadors
Spanish coquistadors are the people who caused the Aztec to end because they killed all the people.
aztec warriors
Aztec worriors defend other aztec people.they use bows and arrows to defend themselves also spears.
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