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Tacky the Penguin ...The Thinking Abounds!

Using Tacky to teach thinking descriptors

George Griffin

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Tacky the Penguin ...The Thinking Abounds!

Tacky the Penguin
"Although thinking is innate and spontaneous, it must be cultivated and taught."
Reading the Story
Thinking...Narrowing our focus
The teacher regularly provides opportunities where students
generate a variety of ideas and alternatives

The teacher regularly provides opportunities where students analyze problems from
multiple perspectives and viewpoints
Objectives for Today
IGP Reflection
Thinking Partner Share
Narrowing our Focus
Tacky the Penguin
Bubble Map
Different Perspectives
Taking Tacky Further
Model of planning for thinking lesson
Plan your own lesson that uses one of the thinking ideas we've discussed today
Implement your IGP Action Plan and Thinking Lessons.
How did they go?
Put Tacky in the
of your Bubble Map

In each outer circle, place an
that describes Tacky.
Bubble Map
Changing Perspective

On your agenda, you have an assigned 'point of view' from one of the other characters in the story.
Write this name
on the edge of a paper.

Draw a Bubble Map and
put Tacky in the middle

In each outer circle, place an adjective that describes Tacky
Taking Tacky Further...
Look at the
Thinking Indicator
on your rubric.

have we NOT addressed during this cluster?

If you were teaching Tacky,
how could you address the remaining descriptors
Develop a lesson
that addresses one of the 2 descriptors we focused on today (generating ideas or point of view). You can use a bubble map or any other way of
explicitly teaching that descriptor
Penguin Toss Closure
If the penguin comes to you, tell the group 1 thing that
excited you about the thinking clusters
you have participated in during the past 2 weeks.
Bring Back
Implement your
IGP action plan
and thinking lesson.

How did it go?

Please bring
2 High, 2 Medium and 2 Low work samples
from your thinking lesson.
Thinking Descriptors
are you addressing in this activity?
Thinking Descriptors are you addressing
in this activity?
Find the
other person
with your
same perspective

Share your adjectives
with each other.

Write any adjective
that your partner had that you hadn't thought of. Write it in a
different color

Decide on
3 adjectives
you want
to share
with the group.
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