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Audio Feedback: the long-tail effect

No description

Anne Nortcliffe

on 12 June 2018

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Transcript of Audio Feedback: the long-tail effect

Gibbs & Simpson, (2003) feedback
Evidence of the validity of method?
Audio Feedback: Long Tail Effect
Artist: Anne Nortcliffe

My journey to audio feedback: Why?
Academic Reality
1/2hr write Feedback
100-150 scripts
1 week turnaround
Dialogical Learning
Audio Record
Who I am?
Problem or Solution?
Flexible Feedback
Any time, Anywhere
Easy to use
Student voice at the heart of the feedback process, as good feedback involves a dialogical experience, Nicol (2010)

Capture the ephemeral experience, just as in an interview HR advise question response note taker (not persons in the dialogue)

Through your work and sport you demonstrate the right employability skills for the job
Identified appropiate event you organisaed and planned, but needs to highlight more what you did at the beginning to plan the event
This example shows you have experience of problem solving, and taking a creative logical approach to solve a problem for engineering firm in the long run
Illustrates good teamworking skills, and some communication skills, but Missing influencing
Through your work and sport you demonstrate the right employability skills for the job. You need to remember to write your degree on the application form. Needto show more your skills in your intrests. ood description of your work experience.
Please listen to the audio feedback
Long-tail Effect
56 (43%) 2010-11Eng’ and Comp’ Student survey responses, (Nortcliffe and Middleton (2011)
16 (40%) Media 2013-14 Student survey responses
Dialogical audio feedback, Nortcliffe and Middleton (2007)
Audio versus Written Feedback
Student Voice
Personal audio feedback, Nortcliffe (2012)
Student journey: How do students use audio feedback?
Dialogical Audio Feedback
Start Project Meeting
Dialogical Audio Feedback
Project Meeting Q&A
Dialogical Audio Feedback
Email Audio Feedback
Dialogical Audio Feedback
Later Student Reconnects
Student Personal Audio Feedback experience
What were their initial reactions to audio feedback?
How did they use the feedback initially?
How do they continue to use the feedback?
Would they use written feedback in the same way?

Conclusion: Audio Feedback
Detailed, contextual and constructive
Accessible for academic and student
Valid feedback pedagogy
Supports and promotes student learning
Encourages and supports re-engagement
Long tail effect on student learning
Gibbs, G. and Simpson, C. (2003) “Measuring the response of students to assessment: the Assessment Experience Questionnaire.” In Proceedings of the 2003 11th International Symposium Improving Students Learning: Theory, Research and Scholarship, Hinckley, UK. Alden Press , Oxford, UK.
Nicol, D. (2010) “From monologue to dialogue: improving written feedback processes in mass higher education, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher education”, 35(5), 501-517
Nortcliffe, A. and Middleton ,A. (2006) “Audio Lecture Notes – supplementary lecture materials with added value”, NADO News The Official of the National Association of Disability Officers Ltd, Summer 2006
Nortcliffe, A. L., & Middleton, A. (2007) “Audio feedback for the iPod generation” In International Conference on Engineering Education, Coimbra, Portugal, 3-7.
Nortcliffe, A. & Middleton, A. (2011)“Smartphone feedback: using an iPhone to improve the distribution of audio feedback”, International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education Special Edition 48(3), 280-293
Nortcliffe, A. (2012) “Embedding Professional Experience and Employability into Engineering Sandwich Degrees” Engineering Education 2012 Conference, Coventry, UK, September 2012

Track 1: Academic Journey Track 2: Student Journey
Audio notes supports all stakeholders, Nortcliffe and Middleton (2006)
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