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President Woodrow Wilson

A complete review

Jake Kramer

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of President Woodrow Wilson

A Complete Review President Woodrow Wilson Commander In Chief: B Consistently criticized system of
American government Head of Party: B Offered to be a mediator between conflicting countries Chief Diplomat B+ Graduated from Princeton
Doctorate from Johns Hopkins
Professor of political science at Princeton
Became the President of Princeton
Governor of New Jersey
Nominated in 1912 to be President of the United States
Won by a large margin in electoral votes Background Info "He kept us out of war" Used military force
only when necessary Responded to direct attacks by Germany Entered World War I
when neutrality was
impossible Southern Democrat, had to manage
discrepancies between members of his party Successfully appealed to congress
through speech Successfully passed many pieces of legislation Attempted neutrality Avoided conflicting with Germany for as long as possible Responded only when Germany became violent Offered 14 Points Chief Executive- C Poor figurehead, poor health Chief Of State- B Primarily focused on legislature Often did not consider advice Stubborn, strong Highly commended for his speeches Rallied the nation against Germany Promised to reduce taxes, and effectively repaired credit systems (people admired him for such attempts) Passed an absolutely astounding amount of legislation (with a majorly Democratic congress) Chief of Party: B Public speeches and speeches to congress were renown, rallied his party His influence declined with his health and his reluctance to declare war Isolationist to internationalist policy Woodrow's Legacy on the Presidency: C Close monitoring of the American Economy Heavy reforming legislation Created the beginnings of the UN Reduced Taxes as promised Chief Legislator: B Created the greatly needed Federal Reserve Refused to compromise with Senate Large antitrust legislation Failed to pass the League of Nations International strife contributed to lack of success In Conclusion..B- Widely considered one of the top 5 presidents Dissatisfaction of public based on overly critical views Lack of public rationality prevented productivity When Republicans become majority, everything becomes difficult for a Democratic President Weak cabinet (long line of Republicans)
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