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Cultural and Religious Taboos


Meghan Shamp

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Cultural and Religious Taboos

Strange Cultural and Religious Laws and Taboos By Meghan Shamp Common Taboos around the World The most common taboos around the world include cannabalsim, incest, adultery, suicide and murder. Some native tribes including the Melanesians; who live on the island of Melanesia, near Australia, engage in cannabilstic practices for ritual and war purposes.
Many taboos in the Christian religion come from the Ten Commandments God gave Moses. Adultery, murder, stealing, and worshipping another supreme being all come from there. These are also considered 'taboo' in many other religions and cultures. Christian Taboos Judaism It is commonly known that many Jewish people do not consume certain foods such as pork and shellfish. This is because these types of foods were deemed 'unclean,' but not all Jews stick to this Kosher diet. On the Sabbath, working is forbidden. Even in some cases driving your car, watching TV, or any type of physical extersion is not allowed. Muslims In the Muslium culture, no one is allowed to consume any type of alcohol and use tobacco. They also have a similar diet restriction as the Jewish: No pork, and their food must be perpared in a certain ways. In connection to the muslims, the Taliban in Afganistan have strict laws on how their women act and dress. Women must wear Burqas, which is a long veil that covers them from head to toe. If her ankles show she may be whipped publicly. There is a ban on cosmetics and many women who wear nail polish have fingers their removed. They cannot laugh loudly and are not permitted to play in sports of any kind. Taboos in the United States Some things in the United States, like smoking and drinking, drugs, and having children out of wedlock, are not really a large social stigmas, but
in some other countries they are considered horrible things to do. This shows the vast differences between the cultures around the world. The End Christian Taboos Most taboos in Christianity come from the Ten Commandments. Murder, adultry, stealinging and being involved in other religions are some. The End
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