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Promotional presentation.

Ava Pommerenk

on 17 March 2010

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Transcript of Internet

Internet & Scholarly Research Class Presentation Question: "Why would anyone want to take, 'Internet & Scholarly Research' ? " Answer:
- An infinite sky of possibilities- We have selected the BEST of the Best,
the most exciting
the most fantabulous

Scrumptiously Organized ANGEL Learning What is this? Maximized Learning Potential! Let's get some perspective! The internet and especially search engines can be used as a microsope, to narrow in on given subjects or objects. Or as a telescope, exploring
the far reaches of itself. 2009 is part of the

Age of Technology A meta-perspective, whether zooming in or out, is always important... ... But we must stay on the right path. We learned how to better explore the
World Wide Web-
Which often felt like the Wild Wild West! When doing research, we have learned ways to stay on the Right Path... While using internet tools, we have learned how to create a more progressive paths, maintaining a meta-perspective. A beginner's mind is ALWAYS important
when learning how to use the internet in new ways!

To become better scholars...

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development, Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies, Washington, D.C., 2009. Why use new tools when we are satisfied with the old ones? . . . The meta-analysis found that, on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.

-Student discussion outside of class facilitated by angel forum (communicate-discussion forum-forum:student generated reading assignments ) Within these folders were YouTube tutorials,

Homework assignments were delivered each week in their own designated folders! "ANGEL Learning" allows teachers to post syllabi, forums, homework assignments, and book lists all in one place! The forum space allows teachers and students to discuss assignments and share new information, extending outside the classroom, communication, instruction, and learning! Social Networking Applications Search Engine Journaling Search String: (First try)
consciousness mystical interaction physical body soul Search String:
eds research journal references consciousness mystical interaction physical body soul A SCHOLARLY ARTICLE! What resources show up? . . . Example: The final assignment looked as follows:
We listed our search string journaling processes
We wrote paragraphs to gain clarity on the topic of interest
We then posted three final resource results Final Product...

Twitter - a microblogging platform that allows members to let friends know what they are doing at any given moment, within 140 characters. Facebook - a site that allows members to connect with friends, family members, and co-workers by "friending" one another. Members can keep track of friends' status updates, send messages, chat, join groups, post photos, and take quizzes. LinkedIn - a professional network that allows
members to link to one another through professional and colleagiate relationships. It also serves as a resume, with options to post past and current job information, professional experience and achievements, and reccomendations. Second Life - an online virtual environment that allows members to meet in vivid virtual worlds. Users represent themselves through their avatars and engage in activities parallel to our "real" or physical environment (It really is a second life!). Meetup - A site that allows members to sign up for groups related to specific interests and hobbies. Groups create events through which members can meet and participate in their respective hobbies. Making contact with other people through the Internet
can also be a further resource in scholarly research! Twitter's popularity has lead to teachers and students "Tweeting" assignments, real-time questions, and tutorials... Instruction and learning extend outside classroom walls! Most Valuable Bonus Application: Tweetdeck A Closer Look So, once again... The difference between student outcomes for online and face-to-face classes—measured as the difference between treatment and control means, divided by the pooled standard deviation—was larger in those studies contrasting conditions that blended elements of online and face-to-face instruction with conditions taught entirely face-to-face. Analysts noted that these blended conditions often included additional learning time and instructional elements not received by students in control conditions. This finding suggests that the positive effects associated with blended learning should not be attributed to the media, per se. (p. ix)
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