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ape preszi

Olivia Handley

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of A.P.E.

Animals People Environment
Olivia Waters - Vice President
Emma Carder - Technology
Olivia Handley - Technology
Cami Hastings - President
Addison Martin-Secretary
, we gave over $200 to the Watauga Humane Society.
, we gave over $250 to the Watauga Humane Society & Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
we gave over $400 to the Watauga Humane Society.
we gave c

we helped the High Country Horse Helpers raise about $250, we raised about $370 for the Valle Crucis PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student, Association) & $150 to the Valle Crucis Park.
We sell baked goods, soda & glow sticks at Valle Crucis’ Music in the Park
We've sold necklaces and duct tape items at our school bazaar
We have sent out letters to friends asking for donations
We’ve helped other organizations raise money by volunteering for them (High Country Horse Helpers)
We will hold beneficiary events for specific things like Labone and OASiS
Selling dog biscuits & dog walking.
The duct tape (Make sure things aren't sloppy before you try to sell them).
Organizational and COMMUNICATION skills: it took us a while to learn how to organize our meetings, and plan for projects, which made everything less stressful. It took even LONGER to learn how to discuss things without talking over each other, repeating things we had already said, going off topic, or yelling at each other to be quiet...
Picture Gallery
Our goal is to make the world a better place through fundraising, volunteering, & raising awareness.
Mia Walker - Project Manager
Brooks Hastings - Treasurer
we held a benefit contradance and raised $1000 for Oasis, and we sent t shoes to the kids in the Labone Village Orphanage as Christmas presents. WE were also given an article in High Country Magazine. (Thank you to Anna Oakes the wonderful author)
we have donated $400 to the Valle Crucis Park, held a out door movie night (Finding Nemo) which raised around $300, and we plan to send t-shirts, socks and books to Labone Village Orphanage with the movie money.
we have shared our presentation with Lynn Gregorys' class
Barbara Ramsdell - Public Relation
How We Began...
The idea for our organization began with four girls from Valle Crucis Elementary wanting to make a "club". Inspired by the book

A Kids Guide to Giving by Freddi Zeiler
, Cami had the idea of a philanthropy group (we learned that word later...) We couldn't decide on a cause to serve, so we chose them all, hence the name APE. Our first four members were Cami, Barbara, Olivia W, Olivia H. We started by selling baked goods and glow sticks at Music in the Park, in Valle Crucis. That year we raised around $200 for the Watauga Humane Society, and we have kept selling at the park ever since.
Contact information
Email: apeboone@gmail.com
Website: www.apeboone.wix.com/ape
In 2011 one of our members, Barbara Ramsdell, went with her family on a six month trip to South Africa. When she can back, Barbara told us about the orphanage they had visited. Labone Land is an orphanage for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Last Christmas we decided to send presents to the 42 children in Labone. They asked for shoes so we sent a large box with a pair of shoes, socks and some little doodads for each. This Christmas we will be sending T-shirts, socks, bord games, Legos, and books. Labone has become our first long term project, and we plan on continuing communication with them.
The Park
Pennies for Peace
Watauga County Community Foundation Spirit of Philanthropy Award
Western Carolina Association of Fundraising Professionals: Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy award
Dr. Gregory's class
Helping the High Country Horse Helpers
The Contra Dance
The High Country Magizine Artical
How We Raise Money
Shoes in Labone
If you want to see this Prezi again, go to prezi.com and search "APE by Olivia Handley"
Our Fails:
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