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Choosing a New Director of Research

No description

David Albert

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Choosing a New Director of Research

Case Study 2.1
Choosing a New Director of Research
10 yrs. with GLF
Relied on by upper management for strategic planning
Company man, believes strongly in GLF values and vision
Honesty, integrity
Highly respected manager, seen as consistent and fair
Involved in development of 3 new product lines

Case Summary
New director of research needed for Great Lakes Foods (GLF)
President and the board of GLF are seeking company growth and increasing productivity
Will report to Sandra Coke - VP Research & Development
Company employs ~ 1,000 people; 200 under research division
Role will be responsible for development and testing of new products
3 candidates for position: Alexa Smith, Kelsey Metts, Thomas Santiago
Alexa Smith
Longtime employee – started in mailroom during high school
Held 10 different positions at GLF
Mgr. of New Product Marketing
Creative, insightful, persistent
Successfully developed & brought to market 4 new product lines

Greg Sanderson
Kristen Gourley
Adam Caron
David Albert

5 yrs. with GLF
Manager of Quality Control for established products
Intelligent, personable, social
Other supervisors are comfortable working with her
MBA grad from Harvard (top of her class)
Instrumental in bringing 2 new product lines to market
Perceived as having the Potential to be a President of her own company

Kelsey Metts
Thomas Santiago
Major Leadership Traits
Intelligence - Strong verbal ability, perceptual ability and reasoning
Job Description
Identify group goals and ensure the goals are met on time
Co-ordinate logistics given pre-determine budgets
Graduate / Master's Degree required
Intelligence :
Self-confidence :
Determination :
Integrity :
Sociability :
Intelligence :
Self-confidence :
Determination :
Integrity :
Sociability :
Intelligence :
Self-confidence :
Determination :
Integrity :
Sociability :
Self-confidence - Desire to get the job done and includes characteristics such as initiative, persistence, dominance and drive
Determination - Desire to get the job done and includes characteristics such as initiative, persistence, dominance and drive
Integrity - Quality of honesty and trustworthiness
Sociability - Inclination to seek out pleasant social relationships
How the Trait approach was helpful
Candidates can be measured objectively
Utilization of a scoring system
Can support decision of selected candidate
Eliminates bias from outside influences and avoids discrimination
Weakness of the Trait approach
Defined set of traits were used
Outcome may be diferent if different traits were chosen
These traits do not take into account real life experience
If one is successful at managing a group, doesn't mean she will succeed at managing every group
Works cited
MBA Degree: Why Companies Prefer MBAs. (n.d.). Retrieved June 20,2015 from http://career-advice.monster.com/job-search/company-industry-research/why-companies-prefer-mbas/article.aspx

Survey: 80 Percent of Companies Want to Hire MBAs. (n.d.). Retrieved June 20,2015, from http://www.businessadminstrationinformation.com/news/survey-80-percent-of-companies-want-to-hire-mbas
Leadership Traits Ratings
1 Strongly disagree

2 Disagree

3 Neutral

4 Agree

5 Strongly agree
Enjoy finding Innovative Solutions
Managing team or group of research scientists
Be able to create plans for research and implement them
Able to provide experience in technical expertise
Collective Leadership Traits
Traits Alexa Kelsey Thomas
Intelligence 3 5 4

Self-confidence 3 4 3

Determination 5 4 4

Integrity 3 3 5

Sociability 3 5 3
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