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The Impact of the EEC on fisheries

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Damien Broderick

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of The Impact of the EEC on fisheries

The Impact of the EEC on fisheries
Ireland fisheries before joining the ECC
BIM (Bord Iascaigh Mhara) formed in 1952 to help promote and develop Irish fisheries.
Development slow- less than 800 full time fisherman in the West of Ireland at start of the 1960's.
Irish fisheries concerns
Ireland had the smallest fleet in the EEC
Upon joining the EEC, Irish waters opened up to all EEC countries- many with better fishing fleets
Fear of German, Dutch, Spanish fleet off the coast of Ireland taking all the"Irish fish"- better bigger ships
Irish Fisheries (and government) fight back
Irish (and British) governments fight for 50 mile protected radius- Not given
More problems for the Irish fisheries
Irish fishing ships now competing within 12 mile protected Irish waters- Overfishing increases, fishing stock decreased
Irish fleet struggle to compete with bigger more advanced EEC fishing fleet outside 12 miles
1975: Norway (not a member of the EEC) introduces a 200 mile protected fishing zone around its boarder
EEC follows suit- Now a problem with depleting fish stock as international fishing waters dwindle
More pressure on Irish fishing quotas as bigger fishing countries look for increased quotas- lead to more fishing in Irish waters
1983: Common Fisheries Policy
Common policy on fishing for all EEC members
Helped ease tensions between Irish government and fishing groups.
Pressure put on the Irish government
Constant pressure put on the Irish government by the Irish Fishermans Organisation to ensure better EEC deal
European Economic Community
Conditions began to improve as the Irish economy grew (1st Programme for Economic Development)
Growth from the 60s on- landings tripled, fleet increased, continuous investment in fish processing
Growing importance to Irish scene: World Fishing Championship held in 1972 fro the 1st time in Ireland
1971: Compromise reached between Irish fishing and EEC- 12 mile limit protected around Irish coast
However some concessations given
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Gareth FitzGearld won rights to all Irish fishing fleet to double their catch between 1977-79
Fleet expanded by 300 ships
Processing and other shore based services were expanded
1978: Brian Lenihan drops Irish demands for 50 mile radius-(relaises that EEC will never allow it)
But secures 15 million in grants for the fishing industry and 30 million for surveillance on sea and air
Joey Murrin- leader of the IFO- outspoken critic of the EEC fisheries policy
Put the issue of fishing rights to the fore in the public through constant pressure(and criticism) of government policy regarding fishing
Tempers frayed on a number of occasions
So did the EEC help fishing in Ireland?
Government ministers and fisherman disagreed on benefits
Ireland had an exclussive 6 mile zone, 12 around Kerry and Donegel
Ireland allocated 4.3% of Community catch
Existing fishing rights held by Irish fisherman in the Irish Sea was to be protected
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