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Prezi Portfolio Bulletin Board

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Presentation Geeks

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Prezi Portfolio Bulletin Board

Check it out...
Team Collaboration in action
Unplanned result...
What I've Been Up To:
I felt a little tired starting off this time around...

(but it definitely picked up)
Wanting to improve the amount & quality of self-assessment practices
My goals this quarter
Initiated @twitter
Increased FB traffic by 400%
oh yeah... and being awesome!!
New YouTube Channel (and it's awesome)
heading internal communication dept
Things are picking up!!!
Continuing to foster a community in my classroom
Cool Article
"We need to put even more energy into
detailing their positive attributes than
we do into assessing their deficits."
Further developing my own Personal Learning Network (for when our Wednesday evenings are a thing of the past)
What did I learn?
I discovered that "forcing" students to do peer feedback
is actually quite beneficial (even if they don't want to admit it).
I learned that students HATE self-grading, but the process of qualitative self-ASSESSMENT (critiquing) is very beneficial.
Stuff that I liked learning about
"I don't mind talking about my project, but I really don't like giving it an actual grade"
"It was cool having other people in the class give us feedback on the project. I definitely think it helped"
"Please don't make us mark ourselves anymore. It's so awkward."
~ Kristen
Further develop a system of peer feedback leading to improved self-assessment practices
Where to go???
My Term Summary
I feel that this semester, above all others, I really have seen some changes for the better in my practice:
Less teacher-centered assessment
More reflection than I had been doing
Generally FEEL better about what I'm doing
Continue with more strategies regarding peer assessment. Start incorporating online avenues (KidBlog, Behance, etc.)
Develop a better balance of teacher-assesment and student (self)-assessment
Expand some of my new (and old) strategies to all levels I teach.
Was one of those "wow, this makes sense" reads.

Made me really think about what my strategies are; until this point, I had never really consciously thought about them.
The group sessions when we started talking about our own various strategies for a) disengaged and b) ESL students
I also really liked my "tree"
Creative way to evaluate myself and what characteristics of good teaching I'm already doing and what I need to be doing MORE of.
Made me really reflect on my own practices
Minimal special needs students in my classroom
Made me break down what I HAVE done... what I CAN do better
Wanting to further develop a system of peer-feedback
I learned that connecting this semester to a theoretical piece was challenging for me. Apparently I've been out of the academic game too long. :)
loves star wars
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