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Autumn Hall

No description

autumn hall

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Autumn Hall

Arranged Marriage in India By: Autumn Hall description It is when a bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other. In arranged marriage the parents may only introduce their son or daughter to a potential spouse.From that time forward it is up to the children to manage and maintain the relationship and make a final choice. Who is effected by arranged marriage? The people getting married are effected by arranged marriage because they might not love each other. Interestingly arranged marriage has worked and is working better than the dating system other countries have, statistically. The reason seems to be that the families have know one another for a long time and seem to know what and who is best for their children. when did it begin? Arranged marriage has been around since as early as 1500 B.C.E. Some people say that arranged marriage started way before that , but know one really knows exactly. Love was not considered an important ingredient for marriage at this age. They are placed with their spouses based on economic status. How does this connect to the past? Arranged marriage connects to the ancient civilizations we learned about because some of the civilizations couldn't do certain things that others could and most of them couldn't choose what or how to live sometimes. What are some positive effects of the issue?
Negative: Is there anything being done to minimize or change the way arranged marriage is? The problem is being debated about online and in the real world. Many people are trying to decide weather or not they should be outlawed. Some people say " They don't have to accept who they marry" and others say "it's unfair to not get to choose". Some of the positives are the risk of incompatibility is diminished if they are perfectly matched because they belong in the same culture ect. Another positive of arranged marriage is that the backgrounds make it easier for the couple to communicate with each other. One last positive effect of the issue is extended family support has its benefits because when they are married they get family to help support, also they both work and gain money, and with money they can have a more successful life. Positive: Some of the negative effects of arranged marriage is inability to make up ones mind and who they want to marry. Another negative effect is that love takes second priority because it would be harder to love someone you barely know. What is the lasting impact on india's society? Works Cited:) My other questions :) Can you divorce?
How does it help you? Answers :) Yes you can divorce but it's not up to you it's up to your parents. It takes away anxiety about " Is this the right person?" Source 1:
" Advantages and disadvantages of arranged
marriages."Professor's house.Professor's house, 2013. Web. March 18, 2013. www.Professor'shouse.com Source 2:
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www.CutltureIndia.net. That's my presentation about arranged marriage hope you learned something from it and hope you enjoyed!!!! :) :) It allows families to control who gets their property. Also It is a way of maintaining the caste system, and makes marriage an arrangement between two families instead of just two people. It is the duty of the parents to make sure the kids have a happy marriage. If a daughter remains un- married it is a shame to her family. Fun Fact!!!! Some women cannot go to college or have a career because a marriage is arranged not at their convenience but what their parents choose, and before they can complete these things. What are some negative effects of arranged marriage? Some cultures believe in arranged marriage more than others. Do you agree with arranged marriage?
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