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Shan Ahmed

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of ABOUT COCA COLA

Dr. John Smith Pemberton created first syrup on May 8,1886.
Asa Griggs Candler was given the rights to Coca Cola for $2300.
Sold bottling rights to Joseph Whitehead and Benjamin Thomas for $1.
Began expending in 1923.
Roberto Goizueta became CEO in 1981 and used "intelligent risk taking"to expand.
Enterd new markets and brands during the 1990s for further growth.
Universal product.
They are one of the world’s largest Coca-Cola bottlers, and our portfolio encompasses a full range of beverage categories, including energy drinks, still and sparkling waters, juices and juice drinks, sports drinks, and ready-to-drink teas.
Headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia.
Beverage retailer,manufacturer and marketer.
Offer 500+ brands and has 3500+ beverages.
200+ countries.
128 years in business.
139600 worldwide employees.
50+ consecutive years with increasing revenue.
"At the Coca Cola company we strive to refresh the world,inspire moments of optimism and happiness,create value and make a difference."
Health issue
Environmental effect
Business ethics
cola war
Ahmet Muhtar Kent is a Turkish-American business executive. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company.
Mr. Alexander B. Cummings is Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of The Coca-Cola Company
Gary Fayard is the chief financial officer and executive vice president of The Coca-Cola Company. He has been with the company since 1994, and has been CFO since December 1999.
Industry Analysis

Rivalry among competitions
Bargaining powers of supplier
Bargaining powers of buyers
Threats of substitute
Entry barriers
medium to high pressure
high pressure
low pressure
low pressure
medium pressure
BCG Matrix of Coca Cola
BCG product life cycle
SWOT analysis
Management Functions
The Coca Cola Company consists of just a three layers of flat hierarchy. Due to this the top level management has the duty of setting the goals and objectives of the company.
Planning is also done by the upper level managers.
In most of the companies the strategic goals are made for long term but Coca Cola Company’s goals are set for only three years, they change their strategies after every three years. The goals are set by the Managing Director of the company after getting the clearance from the headquarters of the company. Every year in the annual meeting they have a review of their strategy to make sure that are moving with the changing environment in the market.
The following are the strategic goals of Coca Cola Company:
To continue to be an organization providing the quality products to the valuable customers.
To select and retain the professional people for the organization.
To project an outstanding corporate image.
To satisfy the customer through extra ordinary service and an excellent service
A along with the complete tactical and operational support.”
Tactic goals are set at the end of the year at annual basis. The top level management decides these goals with the consultation of the lover level employees. The following are the tactic goals of the company:
To increase the revenues by 20% as compared to last year.
To increase the total retail customers by around 10%
To increase the market share by 5%
To reactivate the discontinued customers by 30%”
The operational goals are also set by the Managing Director of the company. Before implementing these goals the manager consult them with lower level employees and after convincing them they implement the goals officially. In this type of goals the company uses Management by objectives (MBO). Every employee assigned is told about what the organization is expecting from him/her and then his evaluation is done on the basis of organization’s rules and regulations.
According to Coca Cola Company: a sales man has three main functions to perform:
To find new customers.
To retain existing ones.
To bring back the discounted accounts.”

Organizing is the second management function. The following steps are taken by the Coca Cola Company in organizing their goals and objectives:
Work Specialization
Delegation and Accountability
Resource Allocation
Organizing the Human Resources

The third management function is “leading”. The following major steps are taken by the Coca Cola Company in the leading function:
Corporate Culture

The last and the most crucial function of management are “Controlling”. In this function the company evaluates that either they have achieved the goals which they had set before. If the answer is “yes” then the employees and managers are rewarded with bonuses and other ways and vice versa. In the following we’ll come to know that how the Coca Cola Company performs its controlling function.
sales person`s reporting system
sales person evaluating system
Decision making process is centralized in the company. The classical model is used, the top level managers take their time in making the decisions, all the possible alternatives are kept in mind before going for the rationally economic solution.
The top level managers don’t consult with any employee in case of programmed decision making. The ordinary routine decisions are made by the line managers of the middle level management after getting the permission from the general manager.
The following are the decisions which are taken by the top level of management in the Coca Cola Company:
The package positioning
Trade discounts
Price reductions
In recruitment of new employees the top level management approves the vacancies and the Human Capital Department is asked to conduct a written test such kind of tests are conducted for the employees of lower level. The prospective applicants are shot listed through the interview process. After taking the interview of the applicant the operation manager and the general manager make the final decision of selection of the employee.

Coca Cola Pakistan Organizational Structure
Approx above 50,000 people are currently associated with Coca Cola Pakistan. Following is hierarchy of Coca Cola.
Coca Cola Pakistan Introduction
Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited (CCBPL) began its operations on 26 May 1996 in Pakistan. Coca-Cola Beverages Private LTD (CCBPL) is a joint venture between Coca-Cola International, Fraser and Neeves Singapore and Package Ltd. Initially it acquired National Beverages LTD Karachi and later acquired International Beverages LTD Hyderabad .In May 1996 Fraser and Neeves, a Singapore based bottler of Coke
Social Corporate Responsibility
The coca-cola system in Vietnam and the local people’s committee launched a new community water initiative in December 2006.
The company continued to champion various initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, restoring groundwater resources, going in for sustainable packaging and recycling, and serving the communities where it operated.
Canada’s first-ever live positively stakeholder awareness campaign
Coca-cola India has been awarded the social and corporate governance award for best practices in corporate social responsibility 2009.
Through continued partnering with national and local organizations, they continuing to grow active lifestyle programs to get young people, families and their communities involved.They have at least one physical activity program in every country where we operate.

"We will deliver for today, growing a low-carbon, zero waste business, and inspire change for a more sustainable tomorrow."
Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability
Coca Cola firmly believes that they owes lots of social responsibility to every society and they have taken some necessary steps for this,like:
Energy and climate changes
Sustainable packaging and recycling
Water stewardship
Product portfolio
Active healthy living
Last but not the least, Coca Cola has a strong work and believes on relations, they believes relations maintain strong bond in the society and they also emphasizes on relations in their advertisements and slogans, like in this advertisement.
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