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Dynasties of Ancient China

Review the first four dynasties of ancient China

Dan Klumper

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Dynasties of Ancient China

Do you know about the Dynasites of China? Let's Review the first four... FIRST Dynasty of China: "SHANG" Dynasty -Shang defeated the XIA people to become
China's first dynasty -Shang had the Bronze Age, which they made
tools, weapons, and cups out of bronze. -Shang used Oracle Bones to predict the future -Shang had the FIRST Written records How about the SECOND Dynasty of China?
"ZHOU" (Prononced jo) -Zhou claimed mandate of heaven (heaven told them to rule, so they say) -Zhou was LONGEST dynasty of China: 800 years (wow.) -Zhou was known as the Golden Age due to advancements and improvements (good job, guys) -Zhou had a social class: They helped each other
TOP: King
MIDDLE: Nobles
BOTTOM: Peasants On to the THIRD Dynasty of China... "QIN" Dynasty (pronounced chin) -First emperor was Qin Shi Huangdi (a bad dude) -Qin started standardization, which everything is the same system (smart thinking) -Qin Shi Huangdi ruled with LEGALISM, with is when people obey rulers out of fear (Yikes! I'm Scared) -Qin Shi Huangdi wanted to live forever...so, he drank Mercury (the red stuff in thermomaters) and he died (epic fail) On to the FOURTH Dynasty of China... "HAN" Dynasty (prononced han :) ) -The GREATEST time period in China's History -Han Rejected legalism and established Confucianism
(good job, Han) -Han invented important things like Paper and Seismograph (here comes an earthquake!) -New religion during Han Dynasty: Doaism -During Han, the SILK ROAD was established (tough journey, as we know) The Conclusion... Know these things for your test. It will help you get the questions right. WSG Entertainment Produced by: Test: December 21st, 2010 BEGIN http://waterforsixthgrade.blogspot.com
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