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Columbine High School Shooting

An overview of the tragedy that fell upon Columbine High School.

Claire Siewert

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Columbine High School Shooting

A high school tragedy Columbine High School Shooting Where and When? Columbine High School Who? -Dylan Klebold The Victims What Exactly Happened? -Klebold and Harris planned to kill over
600 of their fellow students, friends or not.
-They made homemade bombs, but
fortunately the wiring was incorrect, so the
bombs didn't explode.
-When the bombs didn't work, they began
to shoot and stab instead.
-All of this took place in less than 30
-Klebold and Harris killed a total of
15 people, themselves, 12
students, and a teacher. How are We Now
Affected? -America will always remember this massacre
-Many laws about security have changed
-Columbine students have been deeply wounded
by this
-Many people mourn for their loved ones who
passed away
-A memorial has been built
-Everyone has been affected by this in some way -Littleton, Colorado Around lunch-time Columbine High School Cafeteria -April 20,1999 Around lunch-time -depressed and suicidal -Eric Harris -cold, homicidal, and psycopath Why? -wanted to be famous because they
caused the "most deaths in U.S. history" Columbine High School
Floor Plan The Murderers -15 total people were killed on that tragic day;
themselves, twelve innocent students, and a
teacher -21 people were injured by Klebold and Harris Those who were killed Columbine Memorial
For Those Who Passed Away Columbine High School Students
Mourn for Their Fellow Students
and Friends Who were Lost That
Day. -depressed because of constant bullying Sources -U
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