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A Day In The Life Of An Agent With An iPad

Presentation for Prudential Real Estate and Berkshire Hathaway Sales Convention, March 18, 2014

Chris Nichols

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of A Day In The Life Of An Agent With An iPad

A Day In The Life Of An Agent With An iPad
What's Next?
Cloudy With a Chance of Success
Want to Reach Chris?
Systems, Systems!
We Got It Good!
"If you have a basket ball and a baseball 14 feet apart, where the baseball represents the moon and the basketball represents the Earth, and you take a piece of paper sideways, the thinness of the paper would be the corridor you have to hit when you come back."
Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC)
64 Kbyte of memory Operated at 0.043 MHz
Them - July 20, 1969
Us - March 18, 2014
128 Gbyte of memory
Operates at 1.4 Ghz
They Went To The Moon...
What Are You Doing With All This Power???
262,000 X the memory
32.5 million X the operating speed
Social Media
Content Curation
Real Estate
Presentation is available via my FB page or Prezi.com
Technology Can't
Agent Robot?
Off The Line
Every 42
Let's Get Started!
Total Build Time
18-19 Hours
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