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Radicalisation & violent extremism (September edit) Level 1

No description

London Prevent

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Radicalisation & violent extremism (September edit) Level 1

What's The Plan
Understand what’s meant by the term “terrorism”

Explore how people get involved in terrorism and violent extremism

Think about how people can be supported

Definition: Terrorism
Terrorism is using violence to try and influence people for a cause

This could be a political cause, a religious cause or one linked to a person's ideas

How does terrorism develop?
All of these actions are
because of dislike or
hatred for a group
& violent extremism

What does a terrorist look like?
What examples of terrorism can you think of?
what is terrorism
Dislike for a group usually relies on stereotypes and
How does it happen in practice?
Why do Matt and Imran get involved in the groups?

Is it hard or easy for them to leave, and why?
Why did Matt and Imran join the groups?
Was it hard or easy for them to leave?
They both broke the law, when did they do this?

and if you have time...

What could other characters have done to intervene and support them?
What have we covered?
Terrorism and Violent Extremism
- Terrorism is using violence to influence people for a cause
- People can be from any ethnic, religious, political or cultural background
- People get involved for many different reasons

Challenging Violent Extremism
- Friends and family are most likely to spot the signs and be able to offer support
- If you're worried about someone there's always someone you can speak to - the college can
help too

Encouraging other people to convert to a religion

Killing people because they are a different religion or race to you

Asking people to sign a petition to stop animal testing

Beating someone up to steal their wallet and mobile phone

Hating non-ginger people and trying to kill Princes Charles and William so Prince Harry will become King.
Which of these could be terrorism?
Learning Agreement
Respecting other people's opinions
Trying not to make sweeping statements
Not interrupting others
Switching off mobile phones

Matt broke the law...
When he went to the meeting?
When he handed out the leaflet?
When he punched Imran?
Imran broke the law...
When he went to the meeting?
When he pushed his sister
When he planned the
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