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Frankenstein Sociogram

No description

Lexi Brady

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Frankenstein Sociogram

Sociogram William The Monster Young, adolecence, defenseless, victim Caroline Frankenstein loving, caring, devoting, mother Elizabeth Inferior, good tempered, lively, caring Alphonse Frankenstein helpful, caring, understanding, elderly Victor Frankenstein WIFE FATHER/
SON MOTHER/SON BROTHERS Safie Felix Agatha DeLacey Safie's Dad Lovers Brother/
Sister Father Father Father/Daughter The monster kills Elizabeth The monster stalks The monster stalks The monster stalks Victor creates the monster The monster kills William William dies at the hand of the monster in the woods at the beginning of the story. Elizabeth only cares for Victor to be happy. Her own happiness does not matter to her. Elizabeth dies at the hand of the monster on her and Victor's wedding night. Victor's father is an elderly man who tries to do what is best for his son. He only wants the best. But, he ends up dying of heartbreak after Elizabeth's murder. Although Caroline Frankenstein was not around very long in the story, she is the reason Victor became obsessed with death, and the reason he marries Elizabeth. Henry Clerval adventurous, caring, devoting Henry was Victor's best friend. They traveled together, and laughed together. But, Henry also died at the hands of the monster. BFF's Justine innocent, quiet, caring, loving Justine loved the Frankenstein family very much. Justine was also accused of killing William, and because of this false accusation, she was put to death. The monster kills Henry Beaufort friendly, caring, giving Beaufort is Alphonse Frankenstein's best friend. He dies in the beginning and his best friend ends up marrying his daughter. Father/Daughter BFF'S M. Kirwin magistrate, understanding, caring, helpful Magistrate Kirwin watches over Victor while he is in jail, and very ill. He gives him what he needs, and helps him through it all. The monster stalks M. Krempe hateful, demeaning, rude M. Krempe is one of Victor's professors in college. This man is very demeaning and tells Frankenstein that he needs to start over and that all his ideas were foolish. M. Waldman encouraging, helpful, inspirational M. Waldman was also one of Victor's professors in college. He encouraged Victor to keep his studies. Robert Walton understanding, friendly, loving Robert Walton is on the ship where he finds Victor and takes him in. Victor is telling Robert his story and in the end, Walton meets the monster. His new friend. Victor is telling Walton his story. Robert Walton encounters the monster after at the end, after Victor has died. Margarette Saville caring, loving, sisterly Margaret is writing her brother, Robert Walton, back and forth and is learning about Victor and his story. Brother/Sister kind, friendly, caring, understanding DeLacey is a kind elderly blind man that the monster is watching. DeLacey actually accepts the monster when they meet. dramatic, judgmental Agatha is Felix's sister. She does not play a large role in this story, but she is in the family that the monster spies on and learns from. strong, manly, protective, judgmental Felix is Agatha's brother and Safie's lover. He ends up beating the monster when he is visiting DeLacey. foreign, dramatic Safie is now living with DeLacey, Agatha and Felix. She is a foreigner who is learning how to speak their language. This is how the monster learns as well. law breaker Safie's father is in prison. When his "family" tries to bail him out, they lose all their money and fortunes. evil, plotting, devious, jealous, longing for acceptance When the Monster is first created, he is like a little kid alone in the world trying to find his way. When he learns the cruel ways of the world he begins to turn from caring and loving, to evil and filled with hate. When his own creator, Victor,does not accept him because of his ugliness, that pushes him over the edge. He also supposedly kills himself after Victor dies. dramatic, dull, crazy, obsessive, the creator Victor is the main character of this whole story. He is the creator of the monster that in the end destroys his whole family. He dedicates his life to try and kill this creature that he has created. He does end up losing his life because of it. Professors
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