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The Red Pyramid

No description

Alexa Perzichilli

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid A journey Carter and Sadie would have never seen coming... A journey Carter and Sadie could have never imagined... By Rick Riordan Here, Right here. This is where Carter and Sadie were called to their journey. A call to journey is what invites someone to an adventure. They may be willing to under go the quest, or they may be forced into it. Carter and Sadie had no choice. They were called when their father attempted to return order to the gods and instead released the five most powerful ones, including Set, the god of Chaos. Set captured their father and disappeared. When the children were interrogated they told the truth and no one believed them. Their uncle Amos came for the children and took them to New York. It was time for them to learn the truth. They were the most powerful magicians to be born in centuries. The world needed them! The Call Carter and Sadie had a lot of excess baggage they never knew about. For one, they were the most powerful children in centuries. The threshold is the jumping off point of the journey. Often, the person undergoing the journey encounters mentors during the threshold. Carter and Sadie had quite a few mentors. Their mentors were Amos, their uncle, Bast, the goddess of cats, and Zia, a teenage magician. Plot twist; there were some unexpected mentors. Horus, the god of the sky, and Isis, a protective goddess, were really inside the children from young ages and were able to warn them and help them along the way. The actual threshold was when uncle Amos went to Arizona to investigate Carter’s strange dream. During he absence Serpopards attacked the House, where Carter and Sadie were hidden. A Serpopard is a mixture of a cat and snake. Unexpectedly, Sadie’s cat changed into Bast and defeated the Serpopard. Bast decided it was time to get the children out of there! The Threshold The Challenges Carter and Sadie faced challenges at every corner leading up to the defeat of Set. A challenge is the obstacles someone needs to face eventually leading up to the Abyss. As Carter and Sadie got closer to set, the challenges got harder and they would have to face the truth. -Serpopard: These half lion half snake creatures have a wicked bite and are extremely nimble and quick. Carter and Sadie were weak at the beginning of their journey so the cat goddess Bast stepped in to help. She defeated them by wrapping their necks together and then stabbing them. They dissolved into sand.

-The Carriers: These four steel men are a force to be reckoned with. They wheel a carriage and chase after their victims. It is impossible to get away because they will never stop looking for you. In order to get away from them, they successfully speed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When the Carriers came, Bast sliced them apart, eventually they reformed. Carter then stepped in to help her defeat them, but of course their next challenge was waiting for them.

-Serqet: Serqet is the goddess of scorpions. She surrounds her victims with thousands of scorpions, making it difficult to escape. Bast had the children run off while she stayed and fought. It took her a few chapters to return. As the children ran, they meet Zia, and she kindly helped them escape.

-Scorpions: As Zia, Carter, and Sadie ran to the portal, the scorpions chased after them. Sadie worked to open the portal, while Carter and Zia fought the scorpions off. Just as the gate opened, the scorpions formed a huge monster. Obviously, they jumped out of there!

-The Hallways of the House of Life: Carter and Sadie had to concentrate on walking because if they looked at the pictures on the walls, their minds would be destroyed by the horrific memories.

-Chief Lector Iskander: They had to convince him not to kill Carter or Sadie and instead test them.

-Desjardins: Carter and Sadie tried to convince him that they were not godlings. They tried to prove it in the test but failed. They were holding gods. The gods were the enemies of the House of Life. When Iskander died he took control, and he called for the execution of Sadie and Carter; two young godlings. Sadly, Zia would now be their enemy. On the bright side, Bast returned!

-Demon Fruit Bats: The Fruit Bats were annoying, nippy bats. They bit and scratched their victims. When Carter and Sadie turned into birds to sneak into Desjardins’s house, they caught themselves in a little trouble. While in his library, they opened the wrong book, releasing demon fruit bats to attack them. They escaped by flapping their wings right out of there and making a swift left. As they ran, the bats bit and scratched them. They barely escaped from the mob of them!

-The Set Animal: This is one of Set’s most vicious minions. With razor sharp teeth and a lot of strength, it is impossible to defeat. Carter, Bast, and Sadie were trapped when this animal approached at the Washington Monument. The kids had to transform into birds while Bast distracted it. Bast later reunited with them.

-“Leroy”: This is one crazy moose. It will stop at nothing to find its prey, in this case, Carter and Sadie. Since Sadie was stuck in bird form and Bast had to watch over her, it was all up to Carter. Carter thought of a method to open a locker and put your enemy or troubles inside. He did this and “Leroy” disappeared.

-Wayne and Jerrod: Wayne and Jerrod are two powerful and experienced magicians. Sadie took on both of them. She went outside to find Jerrod waiting. She defeated him by channeling into Isis’s power and pointing it at Jerrod. This caused him to shatter. Of course, Wayne came back too. She used her magic rope and tied him up until he disappeared as well.

-Sobek: Sobek is the god of the crocodiles. He was on Set’s side because he promised him power. He had an army of crocodiles and neither Sadie nor Carter had a chance. Bast had the children leave and she stayed and fought. The children encountered their uncle Amos. Luckily he was there to help. When the children returned to get Bast, only Muffin, Sadie’s cat was there.

-Desjardins: Of course, Desjardins returns! He tries to corner the children but Zia saves them by building an arc of fire to corner Desjardins. Sadly, Desjardins summons a very fierce god that was a born killer, Sekhmet.

-Sekhmet: Sekhmet is the goddess of war and destruction. She is inescapable and very sly. In order to outwit her, Carter, Sadie, and Zia gave her hot sauce and said it was blood. She believed them and drank it all. After she passed out, it gave them a chance to escape.

-The Face of Horror: This is Set’s lieutenant. Amos told them to run while he stayed to fight. As the children got to the pyramid Amos caught up. It was time to find their dad. The Abyss is the greatest challenge in the journey. It is when the character faces their biggest fear. All of the challenges Carter and Sadie had fought all lead to this. The battle against Set, of course, there was a twist. Set was Amos! Amos was the host but the entire time Set controlled Amos’ every move! When Set left Amos, Amos became weak. Zia was weak too from Set’s attack. Sadie made a protection circle for Zia, Amos and herself. It was all up to Carter. Horus begged for full control but Carter refused. Instead he used battle strategy he had learned. He began by imagining himself as a falcon and Set as a fruit bat. This allowed Carter to attack Set. When they returned to normal form, Set had black blood dripping from his mouth. Then Set mumbled Ha-wi and Carter was sent tumbling down the pyramid. Desjardins arrived and tried to attack Set, but Set left him unconscious. Set added the final stone to the pyramid and gleefully counted down the seconds until he world control the world. Out of nowhere, Sadie appeared at the top and sent everyone in the pyramid to Washington D.C.! Inside the portal, the pyramid began to destruct with their dad help captive in his tomb inside. Carter pushed Set in the portal making him lose balance. Carter gripped Set, while Sadie said a spell. All at once Sadie stopped in her tracks. At that moment, both she and Carter realized Set’s lieutenant was really Apophis. Together Carter and Sadie made a deal with Set. They would become allies to defeat Apophis, but Set could only appear when he was summoned Carter and Sadie. The Abyss The transformation that Carter and Sadie underwent was remarkable! Transformation is the moment of death and rebirth. Carter transformed when he gained the confidence to fight Set. He gained strength in not allowing Horus to take control. The obvious transformation was that Carter was no longer was unstable in his magic. Sadie transformed when she saved the world even though it meant losing her father. She made the pyramid explode and trained herself to accept loss. Sadie also learned to control her magic. Finally, she transformed into a brave young girl and no longer lived in fear.
The ...
Transformation The ...
Atonement The Atonement occurred when Anubis, the god of the Dead allowed them a visit with their parents. Their father was really the god Osiris and he needed to die to restore the balance. Their mother was even more beautiful then when they had last seen her. She had light hair and light eyes. Their parents told them they loved them and would always be there. This gave Carter and Sadie closure and allowed them to move on with their new lives. The return in this novel wasn’t extremely lengthy. The return is when the characters return to everyday life. Upon the return, the children lived with Amos. Together, they slowly and gradually helped him get back on his feet. Horus and Isis restored their family’s mansion in appreciation. When the grandparents told Sadie she could go to live with them again, she refused because wherever Carter was, was her home. Sadie waits to go back to the Land of the Dead to visit her parents and see Anubis. Carter promises to find the real Zia one day, the girl he fell in love with. The Return What's it About? So... Presentation By Alexa Perzichilli These two gods helped Carter and Sadie understand their importance. The world really needed two unlikely heroes to save the day. Carter Kane has been on the road since he was eight. His father was an Egyptologist and his mother died when he was young. Their grandparents raised his sister Sadie. She goes to private school and has a group of friends and a normal life in England. Their father hid a huge secret from them, until it was too late. He was a magician and Carter and Sadie were too. However, Carter and Sadie were the most powerful magicians in many generations!
One cold Christmas Eve Carter, Sadie, and their father went to the British Museum. They noticed their father acted strange. He talked to a strange man named Amos and they argued. After the argument, the trio went to Cleopatra’s needle. Suddenly, their dad said that time was up and they needed to leave. Something was not right. Once at the museum, Mr. Kane grew obsessive over the Rosetta Stone and told the children to stay away. He was going to summon Osiris. Sadie made a mistake and caused the stone to explode releasing the four other gods of the Demon Days. They were Nephthys, Isis, Horus, and Set. Set was the god of chaos, a very powerful god. Mysteriously, Mr. Kane disappeared after the stone blew up. The police arrived and questioned both children about the strange events. Neither knew what to say. The man Amos arrived at the children’s grandparent’s house and announced his true identity, their uncle. Amos took Carter and Sadie to their family mansion and warns them never to look in the library. Amos goes to Arizona to investigate a Set sighting, and the children look in the library. While Carter and Sadie are in the library, Serpopards attack the mansion. Sadie’s cat transforms into the cat goddess Bast and helps the children escape. On their journey, they learn about the Demon Days. They have 5 days to stop Set from taking over the world.
On their journey, they face many demons, gods, goddesses, and people that they have to defeat leading up to their battle against Set at his “Red Pyramid”. Bast is killed after a tragic accident. On this journey Carter and Sadie learn that they are hosting gods and they are wanted dead by the House of Life. Carter is hosting Horus and Sadie hosts Isis. Not only do they have to defeat Set, but they have to avoid the House of Life magicians! They meet Zia Rashid, a teenage magician who is the host of Nephthys.
Set powerful and defeating him was difficult. In the midst of fighting, The Face of Horror, who was Sets lieutenant, changes into his true form. Apophis. Bast and Apophis had been trapped together in Cleopatra’s needle and he was pure evil. Apophis planned to use the pyramid to escape the needle. Set, Sadie, and Carter agree to a truce, and plan to help one and another stop Apophis’s evil plan. During this truce, Zia is revealed as a shabti. In other words, a fake, clay person! Since Carter and Sadie saved the world they are allowed to visit their parents. They learn their dad gave up his life to become Osiris. He died to become a god. Their mother was as beautiful as ever and promised to always be there for them. Horus and Isis rewarded them by restoring their family’s mansion and bringing Bast back to life. Carter and Sadie leave their lives behind to become better and stronger magicians. Carter is determined to find the real Zia Rashid, the girl he loves. was inside... was inside...
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