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Introducing NanoBioDev to Sailor Group

Silicon Nanotech Summer School 2013 - UCSD, San Diego - CA

Thiago Villa

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of Introducing NanoBioDev to Sailor Group

We're in Brazil
in São Paulo state
(most populous in the country)
São Paulo (state capital)
7th largest city in the world
You might have heard of us in the news :)
University of São Paulo
#1 in the country
#1 U. in Latin America
World's top 20 (
Webometrics 2013
Totally free
, no one pays to go there
19 out of 20 top
are in the US
And here we are (19th)
7 campuses spread out in the state
4 majors
- Animal Science
- Vet Med
- Food Eng.
- Biosystems Eng.
5 graduate programs:
- Animal Science
- Animal Biosci.
- Animal Industry Innovation
- Food Eng.
- Materials Sci. & Eng.
We're on a farm.
We're part of a group too
Prof. PhD Eliana C. S. Rigo
Biomaterials, chitosan, gelatin, antibacterial silver coating, hydroxyapatite composites
Prof. PhD Andrés Vercik
Some Results
Phew, we're almost through, guys.
Chitosan mechanical and optical properties change when we try to neutralize it with a base.
Au and Ag NPs can be synthesized using some carbohydrates at room temperature in < 1 hr.
Silver nanoparticles + neutralized chitosan films last longer and are bacteriostatic.
An H2O2 HRP-chitosan-AuNP biosensor used to detect sub-clinical mastitis.
A porous silicon affinity biosensor aimed at detecting biomarkers in human blood (+ soon).
(e) sterile disc
ENO05 = enrofloxacin
Expanding to Sn, Zr, Zn, Cu, silica nanoparticles, functionalization, and quantum dots.
pSi PL-quenching biosensor
Empirical relations of [HF], etch time, current density with porosity, thickness and pore diameter.
Hydroxyapatite coating onto porous silicon via biomimetic route.
Iron-(II) and iron-(III) magnetic nanoparticles coated with chitosan.
So, porous silicon?
Max J according to
Lehmann and Meerakker
It all starts in 2011...
I went to U of I...
...in Urbana-Champaign...
Worked with Profs. Brian Cunningham and Juan Andrade
What sorts of problems were they into?
- Assess human nutrition
- Fe and vitamin A levels in blood
- How it's done today: ELISAs
- Problems: expensive, time-consuming
- Their goal: make it cheap.
- Make it available at point-of-care.
I could only be there for six months
But they're still looking into it.
So I thought:
"Why don't we propose a partnership to help solve that problem?"
3) My Project Using Porous Silicon
Our goal is to:
Develop a biosensor platform that could detect biomarkers such as those for Fe and vitamin A cheaply, quickly and with little equipment.
Some tasks we still have to solve:
So we hit a brick wall...
Prof. Michael Sailor
So I flew all the way from Brazil to San Diego
To take this exciting summer school
Learn a lot
Take my project forward
Meet new people
Have ideas for more projects
Don't forget to check usp.br/nanobiodev
We have an English version!
My name is Thiago Villa
Porous Silicon:
Metallic nanoparticles, magnetic nanoparticles, quantum dots, porous silicon, chitosan coatings and films, many biosensors.
Thiago A. Villa M.
- 5th yr. Biosystems Engineering
(you'd call it a senior)
- Graduate June 2014
- Working at NanoBioDev since 2009
- Interests: sensors & nanotech
- Hobby: I sing (a lot)
Welcome to Our Lab!
Enhance this measuring electronics.
Get rid of the inglorious crust and some reproducibility issues. :S
Validate our platform against a standard ELISA.
- Improve stability in aqueous buffer
- Improve PL signal
- Solve immobilization-induced inactivation of antibody
- Choose best surface chemistry
Help from above...
Learn, learn, learn...
And establish partnerships.
Introducing our Lab to Sailor Group
Silicon Nanotechnology Summer School 2013
Biosensors for cyanotoxins, H2S in waste waters, soil analysis, food & ethanol production monitoring.
100 um
What do we do now?
Went to USP entrepreneurship + innovation fostering agency
...and to my research funding agency
"Guys, I need to spend some time in America"
We would love to welcome you to our lab.
Porous silicon, in a while...
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