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Stock broker

No description

Nelli Valkamo

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Stock broker

STOCK BROKER China Recycling Energy Corporation
(CREG) History TOP 3 INDICATORS 52 Week Low &
52 Week High High = $3.75
Low = $1.90 CREG's 52 Week range has remained pretty
stable over the year 2011,without major falls
or rises. However, the value of the range has
been decreasing over this year and has already
dropped a half from its previos worth. Volume Average volume
=32.4 thousand Since I think a good volume
is not a certain number of sold shares
but depends completely on the company,
I think that the volume of 32.4 thousand
is not very good. Considering the fact that
CREG is the second most profitable company
in its segment of market, I would expect a
volume of at least one million or so. P/E Ratio P/E Ratio
= 6.64 CREG's P/E ratio is pretty low,
but I think that for a such small
company a P/E ratio of 6.64 is pretty good. Was founded first in 1980 as "China Digital Wireless"
Changed its name to "China Recycling Energy Corp." in 2007
In April 2009, CREG incorporated a joint venture with Erdos Metallurgy Corporation (Erdos).
In current time, CREG has developed into the second most profitable company of the branch. CREG sells and leases energy
saving systems and equipment. PREDICTION
TWELVE MONTHS I predict that regardless the company's current
halt, I think it will be able to expand in the future
and raise its capital. The company has grown 70%
in one year, and it's highly possible that it will keep
on expanding in the future as well. Why should I
invest in this COMPANY? CREG's main three factors don't promise
too good, but I think this company will expand
slowly instead of gaining a huge profit straight
away. Last year for example, it was able
to expand 70% with very low indicators. Since
CREG's expansion has started, I see no reason
why it would collapse now - surely more
and more people will want to invest in environmental
companies in the future. Hewlett-Packard
(HPQ) HP produces PCs,
servers, storage devices,
printers, networking
equipment and so on. History HP was founded in 1939 by Bill
Hewlett and David Packard.
HP entered the computer field in
1966 with the first model of the series named HP 1000.
In 1984, HP revolutionized the
printer market with its desktop LaserJet printer.
From 1995 to 1998, Hewlett-Packard
were sponsors of the English football team Tottenham Hotspur.
2002, HP officially merged with Compaq.
In 2011 HPQ gained its position among
the other world leader information technology companies. 52 Week Low &
52 Week High High = $ 49.39
Low = $ 35.44 HP's 52 Week range
doesn't look too promising
by the first glance, your eye
only catches the countless minor
downs HP has had. However, you
can notice four major ups as well
- and these ups are more remarkable
than the minor downs. HP's 52 Week has stayed pretty stable, but has fallen greatly in past months. However, it's showing symptoms of recovering. Volume Average Volume:
24,428,133 HP's great volume
shows how much interest
investors have in this stock, and that it is extremely profitable.
When a volume of one million
is considered good for a big company, HP goes far beyond it with a volume of 24.5 million. P/E Ratio P/E Ratio: 9.22 P/E ratio of 9.2 isn't very good
- for a big company, I see a P/E ratio
around one hundred reasonable.
It's rather surprising a company
with such volume HP has a P/E
ratio of only 9.2. Prediction of the
stock's performance
over next year I predict that HP will perform well
over the coming 12 months. It's 52 Week
range is already showing some symptoms
of recovery, and with such a great volume,
there's no question if investors have interest
in this stock - I believe that more and more people
will invest in this company in the future and HP
will grow. Why should I invest in this company? HP is a reliable and stable
stock with great products
with lots of demand. Lot of investors
have already invested in this stock
as you can see from the volume,
and the 52 Week range proves HP to
be a stable company which has recovered
from its downs every time. Since the
company's expandin constantly, there's no
wonder if a person would gain money in the
stock market with this stock. Thank you (: Top 3 indicators
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