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The Ruum summary

No description

Jac Clements

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The Ruum summary

By Aurther Porges The Ruum Summary The Major Characters Minor Characters Antagonist The major characters are...
Jim Irwin
The Ruum The minor characters are...
Walt Leonard
The Grizzly bear
The Baby (Cele is pregnant with) The Antagonist is...
The Ruum This has been my summary of the Ruum.
Thank you for listening! Characterization Characterization Jim Irwin is the protagonist. He and his friend, Walt Leonard, are on traveling in a spaceship near Pluto. They were discussing what they would do when the made it home. The Ruum is the antagonist. This Ruum was left on the third rock from the sun and Jim eventually goes to search for it. Events 1. Jim and Walt discuss what they will do when they get home.
2. Jim goes to earth searching for Uranium.
3. Jim finds paralyzed animals in rows of three going for a long way.
4. Jim sees The Ruum. Events 5. Jim and runs from the Ruum.
6. Jim tries to shoot the Ruum
7. Jim tries to set traps for the Ruum.
8. Jim tries to blow up the Ruum.
9. A grizzly bear fights the Ruum.
10. The Ruum picks up Jim.
11. The Ruum puts jim down.
12. Walt comes and rescues Jim Conflict: Jim leaves the Ruum on Earth and runs from it.
Setting: Canadian rockies, the future. My Picture
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