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Plastic Bag Plants

No description

Aashni K.

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Plastic Bag Plants

Plastic Bag Plants
1. Obtain all necessary materials and equipment.
2. Make holes on the bottom of the cup.
3. Put soil in 20 cups, and plant the seeds individually about 5 centimeters deep. Put ten of these in plastic bags.
4. Knot or put a clothespin on the bags to keep out the Carbon Dioxide.
5. Put all the cups in one area by windows so they get the same amount of sunlight.
6. Water all the plants 40 ml. of water daily.
7. Make a data table showing the height of the plants that grew in centimeters every 3 days, and take a picture.
8. Do step #7 for 4 weeks.
9. After this has been done for 4 weeks, calculate the average height of the plants with and without plastic bags grown from each week and make a new data table with this data.
10. Make a line graph showing the change over time of the plant height.
11. Make another data table showing the number of plants grown with and without plastic bags.
12. Now, make a bar graph showing the variation between the amount of plants grown with and without plastic bags.
In my experiment, more plants without plastic bags grew than those in plastic bags.
Purpose Question
How does the amount of Carbon Dioxide affect plant growth?
If some plants are placed in plastic bags, and others are not in plastic bags, then the plants without plastic bags will grow, but the plants in plastic bags will not be able to grow because Carbon Dioxide is involved in the process that occurs in plants which is called photosynthesis, and the plastic bag blocks out the Carbon Dioxide.
Independent Variable: Amount of Carbon Dioxide
Dependent Variable: Plant growth
Controlled Variables: Amount of water given to plants, brand of soil, amount of sunlight plants get, type of cup

The purpose of this lab was to discover the Effect of Carbon
Dioxide on plant growth
4 plants without plastic bags sprouted, but only 2 of them grew
1 plant in the plastic bags sprouted and grew.
My hypothesis was right because Carbon Dioxide is needed in photosynthesis, and the plastic bags deprived the plants of Carbon Dioxide.
Farmers can know what to do and what not to do when planting.
Not to deprive the plants of Carbon Dioxide.
In my project, the red cups worked well
Results were scientifically right
Plastic Bags did not work very well
Could be holes not known
When you water plants, plant is exposed to Carbon Dioxide.
Not very many ways to improve my experiment because you have to open the plastic bag to water the plant.
I could have just not watered the plants, but water is a necessity to live.
My research coincided with my results.
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