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Ayano Ueda 7B

Ayano Ueda

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Iowa

- limestone
- coal
- gypsum

Made (products):
- electric equipment
- chemical products
- machinery Iowa State Symbols About Iowa Rivers and lakes Thank you! The State Tree is the Bur Oak tree.
The state flower is the wild rose.
The state bird is the Eastern goldfinch. Iowa became a state on December 28, 1846. The rank in size to tell how big the state is 25 in America. The abbreviation is IA. The capital is Des Moines. Iowa was first discovered by French explorers. They were Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet in the year of 1673. Iowa's name came from the Iowa River, which was named after the Ioway Tribe. Some rivers and lakes in Iowa are the Boone River, Lake Odessa, and Lake Red Rock. Thank you for listening everyone!!! Made and Mined in Iowa Animals and Plants that are Raised Plants:
- corn
- wheat
- soybeans

- hogs
- cattle
- etc. Pictures Small Fun Facts vfyusgfiuhfojfoq
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