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Belarus GeoGames

No description

Greta Mastrocola

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Belarus GeoGames

Overall there are many things that Belarus is excelling at. For example Belarus has a fabulous ice hockey team. Belarus also has a great transportation system with a low cost,. As well as inexpensive air-fair from Boston, MA to Minsk, Belarus. In addition, Belarus has a lot of great sports facilities. They all serve different purposes. Belarus has a great location in the heart of Europe. It is surrounded by giant countries which give it great exposure! This is the host of the 2014 GeoGames!
Belarus is landlocked meaning it is surrounded by land. Long ago glaciers formed along the land creating 11,000 lakes. Belarus has close ties to Russia, but they still have some disagreements. Russians= 11% of population Belarusians= 8/10 of the population. Belarus get's good exposure because it is in the heart of Europe. The most common religion in Belarus is Orthodox. Belarus was once a Communist country, and now it is a form of democracy. Changing the government effected a lot of things in positive ways. For example citizens'
having more freedom.
Boston To the GeoGames
Belarus GeoGames
Belarus GeoGames
By: Greta Mastrocola and
Isabella Schwartz

Sport's History in Belarus
How Belarus has succeeded in the Games
"White Russia"
No one knows why Belarus is called "White Russia" but they think it might have to do with the snow that covers the land. Also they think it has something to do with birch trees that are in the forest! Minsk is Belarus's capital and the largest city. Belarus has warm summers and cold winters. Welcome to Minsk, Belarus!
Connecting the Past to the Future
Belarus has a very well developed transportation system. Belarusian railways offer a convenient way of passenger transportation. The money of travel along the railways isn't high. The cost depends on line, class, and railway car. You can put together your own route and choose the most convenient way for you. It will help visitors get around easier. This is a good reason for Belarus to host the GeoGames!
Convenient Way Of Getting Around
*One Way
*Economy Class
Boston, MA
Minsk, Belarus- $796
Boston, MA
Moscow, Russia- $844
Boston, MA
Riga, Latvia- $902
Boston, MA
Baku, Azerbaijan- $1,020
The National Olympics Committee in Belarus, is run by President Lukashenko since 1997. Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Belarus. They finished 4th overall in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. The Belarusians have won a total of 52 medals; 6 gold, 17 silver, and 29 bronze! The nation's athletes competed for the first time in the 1994 Lillehammer Games.
Overall the air-fair from Boston to Minsk is cheaper than flying to Moscow, Russia, Baku, Azerbaijan, and Riga, Latvia. This is another reason on why Belarus should be the host of the GeoGames!
Ice Hockey Olympics
Host Of the 2014 GeoGames
The president of Belarus is, Alexander Lukashenko. Belarus is officially called the Republic of Belarus. It is located in Eastern Europe. The currency in Belarus is, Belarusian ruble.
Sports Facilities in Belarus
A Place to Host
Belarus has 26,000 sporting facilities. This includes 5,140 gymnasiums, 722 swimming pools, and 12,212 sports grounds.
Belarus Ice Hockey Olympics
In the picture above, it shows the ice hockey team of Belarus. This was the opening ceremony! It was at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. This is one of Belarus's strongest winter sport!
The Host Of the GeoGames
All wrapped up into one
How the GeoGames will affect Belarus
We think that if Belarus hosts the GeoGames, then it will affect it in many positive ways. First, Belarus will become a big tourist attraction. If Belarus is good enough to host the GeoGames then, tourists will want to come and watch or travel. Next, it will get a lot of publicity which will help Belarus get more popular and talked about. People will have to spend money on transportation, goods and air-fair. Then they could bring this money to hotels and housing. This will increase the countries GDP. Having the geogames will help Belarus. It will be a great opportunity for people to see Belarus and learn about their history and culture.
background history
"glittering victory... elegant and beautiful."- Alexander Lukashenko. This was said by Belarus's president.
Others Opinions
Asking a Higher Officials Thoughts
"Belarus is the only country in Europe with no opposition in parliament," a United Nations independent expert has said urging the Government to strengthen the right to elect and to be elected. This is a positive comment that will improve Belarus's chance of hosting the GeoGames.
There are many other people who believe in this country other than us. There are people of a higher class saying positive things about this country. Here are some things that people are saying about Belarus.
Belarus is a great country. Other people agree that Belarus has a good chance of hosting the GeoGames.
Asking higher people's opinion for Belarus will help the GeoGames.
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