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Cameron Cho

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Columbian Exchange By: Cameron Cho So now you can see that all of these things changed some things we do today. The Columbian Exchange was something Really Awesome because some of the things that were Exchanged Lets us have some of the things we have today. Random Stuff Lead People during the Columbian Exchange Cool Things About the Columbian Exchange Francisco Pizarro was one of the most suspenseful Spanish Conquistadors and conquered the Inca Empire What was the Columbian Exchange and what happened? The Columbian Exchange was a widespread of of animals, plants, culture, human population, communicable diseases, during the voyage to the Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Positives-Brought trade goods to Europe and Asia, and a lot of new things were introduced. Negatives-It killed a lot of people because of diseases and they didn't have any immunities (Medicine). In the Columbian Exchange they were introduced to things Like, Sugar Canes, the Kola Nut, and Oranges, and stuff like that. What was it? What Happened What was introduced? In the Columbian Exchange People used sugar canes to make sugar, and they also got Coffee Beans to make drinks like Coffee. Macbook Air iMac Christopher Columbus was a navigator who was famous for the voyage from Spain the west Indies. Rene Robert Clavelior, Siuer de La Salle was a French Explorer. He explored the Great Lakes of United States and Canada, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico. Hernando de Soto was a Spanish Explorer and conquistador who, while leading the first European expedition deep into the territory of the United States, which was first European Documented to have crossed the Mississippi River. Random Stuff Random Stuff Random Stuff So now I can tell you about how Soda, Candy, and Popcorn has to do with the Columbian Exchange. First Soda Stuff Like Coca Cola was from the Kola Nut which was Exchanged in the New World and Sometimes Slaves on Ships had water, but it tasted like poo, so they got the nuts and put it in the water so that it would taste much better. Now Candy, and Candy’s mostly made of Sugar, so they also got Sugar Canes to make Candy and Stuff, but only the Rich People Could have it. And now for Popcorn they made Corn and so I don’t Really Have to explain this, but when you heat Corn Kernels they turn into Popcorn. Did you know that before the Columbian Exchange, Florida had no Oranges Did you know that the Columbian Exchange is also Called the Grand Exchange I bet you all are Like, "That's an iPad"!
<-------<--------<-------<--------<-------<------ Did you know that Soda, Candy, and Popcorn had to do with the Columbian Exchange I guess it's over now. + - -- ----- Candy --> Crayola Crayola Crayola Crayola Crayola Q W E R T Y U I O P A S D F G H J K L Z X C V B N M Caps Lock Shift--> Ctrl Alt Shift --> ?
/ >
. <
, ----- Wait! One more thing... Work Cited... Britannica netTrekker Galileo http://school.eb.com/comptons/article-286201?query=Columbian%20Exchange&ct= http://school.nettrekker.com/goExternal?np=/sections/external/web/external.ftl&pp=/sections/external/web/external.ftl&evlCode=343025&productName=school&al=Elementary https://ehis.ebscohost.com/eds/detail?vid=4&sid=ffb2b3ef-8f56-4912-aec4-6842bc8cfbb5%40sessionmgr4&hid=8&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWRzLWxpdmUmc2NvcGU9c2l0ZQ%3d%3d#db=rlh&AN=83404464
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