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Walt Whitman's Song of Myself

No description

Annye Todd

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Walt Whitman's Song of Myself

For Whitman to have been a Transcendentalist, he would have had to have many of the qualities listed in Transcendentalism themes, and Whitman did have many of these characteristics.
Walt Whitman's
Song of Myself


The Transcendentalist themes in Whitman's Poetry
Whitman did have many of the Transcendentalism characteristics. Some would say that his most Transcendentalist themed poetry was in
Song of Myself
. In this, Whitman reveals many relationships with one's self, and the earth and universe.
Another thing that makes Whitman seem a Transcendentalist is the factor of how original he was. He had many of his own form of writing.
My Opinion of Whitman
Was Walt Whitman a Transcendentalist?
Transcendentalism Themes
They were to believe that Zeitgeist was a new beginning in humanity.
Authors should be creative and original and establish a new American literature, rather than adopting ideas from other countries.
Americans should use their own instincts more than believing in reason and logic.
Looking back over the Conscious, Transcendentalists believed that the human mind was useful and helped establish the world.
Transcendentalists believed in the power and value of Nature.
Walt Whitman
Whitman also leaves many quotes that, not only show of his own originality, but also how he tests the theories of his society and that humans can be individuals and have their own beliefs. "He is a seer.... he is individual....he is complete in himself...."(1318) This quote is an example of that.
He leaves quotes such as, "I am enarmoured of growing outdoors."(248) Quotes like this show his love and belief of the power of Nature, which is another Transcendentalist characteristic.
The poet also leaves evidence in his poetry that shows his questioning of the
, such as, "You can do nothing and be nothing, but I will unfold you."(998)
The Transcendentalist themes in Whitman's Poetry
I personally believe that Whitman was a Transcendentalist. He shows all of the traits and beliefs of being one in his poetry. I honestly had trouble reading Whitman's
Song of Myself
. I usually have a hard time reading all poetry and it has always been a challenge for me to understand it. It is interesting in a way though because even someone like me, who has trouble reading poetry, still can hear and understand the beauty of the poetry. Even without completely understanding a quote such as, "The profit of rhyme is that it drops seeds of a sweeter and more luxuriant rhyme, and of uniformity that it conveys itself into its own roots in the ground out of sight"(1318), it still sound beautiful.
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