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Section 4. Pages 402-404

Davina Gomez-Lowe

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Vocabulary:

Section 4
Pages 402-404
Period 2
The Civil Disobedience letter was written
Henry was arrested for not paying a $1 tax
Utopias- Communities based on a vision of a perfect society
Temperence- drinking little or no alcohol
Revivals- frontier camp meetings
Reforms and Reformers
By: Santos F. and Davina G-L.
Henry David Thoreau
Should live to goals of Declaration of Independence and the Constitution
Reforms brought many changes. Wanted perfections.
The Reforming Spirit
Didn't want to support the Mexican War
Reform- make changes in; in order to prove
The people who led the reform wanted equality.
1825, New Harmony, Indiana.
Established by Robert Owen
Village dedicated to cooperation among its members
Martin Luther King Jr. was a main leader of the Civil Rights Movement.
August 28, 1963 Martin made a speech about his dream of equality.
He believed in non-violent protests/resistance - the peaceful protest on unfair laws
in 1837 Horace Man initiates education reform
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