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Cross-cultural Communication

No description

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Cross-cultural Communication

Cross-cultural Communication
by group #1
Cross-Cultural Communication
Its refers to a group with which we share common experiments that shape the way we understand the world.
What is culture?
1. Moving to a new region.

2.Change in our economic status.

3. becoming disable.
we can acquire a new culture by:
- Histories are a critical piece of our cultures.

knowledge of history = better understanding of ourselves
The Link Between History & Culture
Guidelines for Multicultural Collaboration
Different Decision-Making Styles:
Different Communication Styles
language usage
The degree of importance to non-verbal communication
Facial Expression
Personal distance
Sense of time
seating arrangement
degree of assertiveness in communication

Different Attitudes toward Disclosure:
Different Approaches to Knowing:
1. understand generalization
2. Practice
3. keep questioning about the " right way " to communicate

4. search for way to make the communication work

5. listen actively and empathetically

6. respect others’ choices

7. stop suspend judgment

8. be prepared for a
discussion of the past

9. awareness of current power imbalances
Respecting our differences and working together

encourage us to improve our communities.
communicate with others more effectively
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