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darshan kumar

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of CH.9

ANS:The head monk , as he would not agree to
help her convince her father to let her study
in the city
CH.9 (sing to the dawn)
Facts About Chapter 9
Chapter 9 is found in pages 77 - 88
in 'Sing to the dawn'

where the story took place
there were two locations where the chapter took place
Plot (1)
Dawan had just come out of the temple when Dawan was told that it was she was only girl and she left the temple and blinked back her angry tears.
Bao comforted Dawan by letting a cage sparrow, thrusting it at Dawan and told her to open the cage door opened. Vichai saw Bao releasing the sparrow and he was raged and hit Bao right across the face.
Plot (2)
Vichai wanted to hit Bao again, but Kwai quickly restrained him. Kwai offered to help Bao, but Bao said that who is Kwai to help her when he is as mean as her own brother. Kwai wanted to hit Bao.
Kwai was so mad that he pushed Dawan aside and she was knocked backward and thrown off balance. She fell on top of the pile of broken bird cages. The piece of wood sliced through her ankle.
BY : Group 3
Characters in the chapter
Outside The Temple
Market Place
character summary of dawan
dawan is a determined but stuborn girl
who refuses to accept that boys are better
then girls or the mind set that boys are the
superior gender
she is wants to change the gender
discrimination in her village and show that
girls can do anything a guy can do
character summary of bao
boa is a girl who does not go to school
and because of that she is not able to
understand why dawan wants to go to
boa is very kind friendly and happy person
as she is one of the only people who
'helped dawan in the previous chapters
she is also the same as dawan as she
aslo hate the boys in the village
given all the privilages
Q1.who was slapped across the face
Q2.how and who got a slice on their ankle
ANS:Dawan , from falling on the bird cages
and sliced across her ankle from a
piece of wood
Q3."stumbling past the temple gates,dawan tried to
blink back her angry tears" page 77 . why and
who made dawan angry
character summary of vichai and kwai
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