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Environment and Tourism


Leko Pruidze

on 1 November 2009

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Transcript of Environment and Tourism

Environment and Tourism Introduction Hypothesis Our hypothesis were that
the main problems of tourism in Georgia are pollution and bad marketing. Places We Went To Tbilisi Old Town
Botanical Garden
Mother of Kartli
Narikhala Fortress Problems Pollution Roads Infrastructure Pollution is one of the largest problems Georgia is facing right now. the problems that are most likely to cause pollution are humans that are not environmentally conscious and government that does not place enough litter bins. Roads are the crucial part of countries transportation system. especially, for those countries who focus on development of tourism because roads make sightseeings a lot more reachable. Infrastructucture is one of the most important parts of tourism because a tourist needs at least some basic infrastructure like hotels and places for entertainment Causes History Economics Revolutions and Wars Was not developing fast enough Finances Couldn't support development
of a country was not able to develop Tourism Positive In Georgia Negative Solutions Outcome of Solutions Nature Sightseeings Georgia had always been a country
where nature and civilization collide.
Georgia has a lot of beautiful natural sights, great cuisine and a lot of cultural sightseeings which make it potentially good country for a tourism No Advertising Pollution No Investments Country is not marketed well abroad, at the time being almost every tourist in Georgia is either for a job or by a friends reccomendation Due to politically unstable situation, most businessmen avoid investing in Georgia, which makes financial problems for Georgia even worse Pollution is one of the
major problems of Georgia.
it makes Georgia less-attractive and destroys environment at the same time Cuisine supress crime high penalty for those who pollute Spread Georgian culture so that people get interested Better Infrastructure we believe that If people consider things written in solutions, Georgia might someday become one of the leaders in a Tourism industry and it will definitely help Georgia to become a better country Recycle Credits Zezva Gugunishvili Ksenia Kim Gvantsa Ninua Leko Pruidze
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