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Food Chain in the Habitat of a Forest

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Claire Gu

on 21 February 2016

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Transcript of Food Chain in the Habitat of a Forest

Food Chain in the Habitat of a Forest
What Are Food Chains?
A food chain is the process of energy being passed on between different animals. It involves animals passing and dieing, but it is the way that animals can get energy. There are many different steps and stages during a food chain, including different types of animals.
The first plant in my food chain is a leaf. Leaves are producers, because it creates its own food by using the sun, water, and carbon dioxide. This process is called photosynthesis. Producers are usually plants. They are neither an omnivore, a carnivore, or a herbivore because it does not eat meat or other plants.
A snake is the second animal in the food chain. A snake is a consumer because it consumes squirrels and it gets consumed by other animals. It is considered a carnivore, because it can eat meat, but not plants. Carnivores can eat meat because it has sharp teeth and different ways to protect their selves from other animals.
A hawk is the decomposer in this food chain. It takes dead plants and animals makes them into food for other animals. A hawk is a carnivore because it sharp teeth to rip up meat, and it only eats meat. They don't eat plants.
Red Foxes
Wolves are consumers because they consume red foxes. They are carnivores because they only eat meat, not any plants.This is because they have sharp enough teeth to eat meat.
Bears are consumers because they consume other animals. They are usually at the top of the food chain because not many animals eat bears. Some do, but many don't. They are omnivores because they eat both plants and animals.
The first animal is a squirrel. It consumes the leaf, so it is a consumer. Also, the animal that eats the squirrel, will get the energy form the squirrel and the leaf. This is how energy is passed on. Squirrels are herbivores because they only eat plants, not animals because their teeth are not sharp enough to rip up meat.
Red foxes are consumers. They feed on other animals so they are consumers. They consume hawks, as well. They are omnivores because it eat both plants and animals. They have sharp enough teeth to eat , as well as plants.
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