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Roaring Twenties

No description

Michael Lemus

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties! Al Capone Clara Bow Louise Brooks Babe Ruth Transportation History of the Automobile
The first car was invented in Italy around 1860
Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, but did perfect the assembly line
In 1920, 60% of all cars in Michigan were Fords
Modle T was owned by most people in the middle class
Impacts of the Autobobile
Created Jobs
Fast Food
Construction of roads
more police patrol
Gas stations
Suberbs appeared- cities grew
people lived farther away from their jobs
replaced horses
saves lives
- firemen
- ambulance
-police Types of cars
-Model T
Chrysler Other Ways People Arrived at the Party
Limo History of Fashion Before the 1920's
In the 1920's

Attitudes and actions that go along with Flappers -Smoking -Drinking
-Flirting -Dancing
-Fast living The Music Jazz

mostly minorities

Was made compatable with dancing in 4/4

Jazz was everything "modern"

A break with traditions

Radio made it big

Biggest impact on society that radio has made Ella fitzgerald

Duke Ellington

Miles Davis

Louis Armstrong

King Oliver

The Stars 1920's Entertainment Dances: Charleston: This was the
most popular dance in the
twenties including outward
heal-kicks and 'bobs' by bending
and straightening the knees in
time with the music. Foxtrot: Invented by Harry
Fox, it included two slow steps
(right foot back, left foot back),
then two quick steps (right foot
to the right, left foot close). Lindy Hop: This dance was
named after Charles Lindburgh's
first flight alone. Including moves
such as jumping in sequence and swinging the partner in the air. Games: Mahjong: One of the most
popular games of the 1920's. You may recognize the more modern version of the game. 1920's Slang: Bank's Closed: no kissing or making out
Bear Cat: A hot headed or 'fiery girl'
Dapper: A flapper's dad
Drugstore Cowboy: a man who hangs around on the street corners trying to pick up girls
Pill: A teacher or unlikeable person
Putting on the Ritz: doing something in high style
Bull: Police/nonsense/exaggerate
Cheaters: Eyeglasses
Handcuff: Engagement ring Dance contests: Endurance contests
Length Guests Gloria Swanson FDR Calvin Coolridge F. Scott Fitzgerald Duke Ellington Coco Chanel Woodrow Wilson Albert Einstein Josephine Baker Sammy "the bull" Garvano Charlie Chaplin Zelda Sayre Charles Lindbergh Owney Madden Alcoholic Beverages Nonalcoholic Beverages Howdy
Cocktails Baby Ruth
Cuban Dry
Seven Up
Coca Cola
Root Beer
Iron Beer Prohibiton Laws!!!! *Gasp* Reason for Act
St. Valentine's Day Massacre
reason for the end of Act Accessing Alcoholic Beverages! Party Foods Canape of Anchovies Celery Olives Venetian Ice Cream Electric Range The ice box Eskimo Pie New Foods Wheaties New Storage Typical Family Foods Oatmeal
Tea Sandwiches
Shrimp Cocktail "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!" -Coco Chanel
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