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Force and Motion

No description

Sonia Obregon

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Force and Motion

Week 13: Forces and Motion
Essential Question

How would you
Explaining why Newton's Laws of Motion are important in everyday life.
Monday: Nov 18 2013
Newton's Laws of Motion

[Draw a picture describing EACH of Newton's Laws of Motion]

1. Law of inertia
2. Law of acceleration
3. Law of action-reaction
Page 44
Mon Nov 18
Tuesday Nov 19
EQ: What is the relationship between motion and potential & kinetic energy?

Bounce the Ball lab

Fill out data table. Cut lab into half sheets and paste on pages 45 & 46

Stand up-Hand up- Pair up

Draw a picture of a ball bouncing with PE and KE labeled.
Wednesday, Nov 20
Essential Question: In the Bounce the Ball Lab, where was the greatest Potential energy and why?


Watch the demo and discuss the differences between PE and KE.

Label PE and KE on a roller coaster graphic. Turn in.


Knowledge Challenge!
Edmodo Code:
1st Period: gzksia

Edmodo Code:
2nd period: gqabug

Edmodo Code;
3rd Period: ybhzvr

Edmodo Code:
4th Period: rmsp6

Edmodo Code:
5th Period: qg2rp5

Edmodo Code:
6th Period: n8qeid
Notebook Check Tomorrow!
Make sure you have Bounce the Ball Lab COMPLETED. If you were absent Tuesday, see me!
Each of you will receive one question. Partner A reads their question to Partner B, Partner B answers. Partner B does the same then cards are traded and you find another partner.
3. Examine the image provided. The dogs are pulling the sled across the snow. Which of the following statements best describes the forces in this situation? Draw an arrow on the image showing the direction of the motion.
a) The forces are balanced and the net force is zero.

b) The forces are balanced and the dogs’ force is greater.

c) The forces are unbalanced and the sled’s force is greater.

d) The forces are unbalanced and the dogs’ force is greater.

Knowledge Challenge!
Thursday, Nov 21
EQ: In the lab when you dropped the ball where was the greatest kinetic energy and why?

Energy transformation video- On page 47 write 15 facts given in the video.

complete energy transformation sheet, fold and glue onto page 48.

Mrs. Chen rocks!!

Modern energy exploration
Pay close attention
Answer questions on the video sheet
Tape on page 43 of notebook
echanical energy: energy stored in objects by tension.

adiant energy: electromagnetic energy. Visible light, x-rays, gamma rays, radio waves.

ound: produced when a force causes an object or substance to vibrate
hemical: energy stored in bonds of atoms and molecules. Batteries, petroleum, natural gas and coal are examples. Converted to thermal energy when we burn wood.

eat(thermal): vibration and movement of atoms within substances.

lectrical: delivered by electrons. Can move through a wire.

uclear: energy stored in the nucleus of an atom.
Friday, Nov 22
EQ: In what ways is energy transformed?

SPEED triangle

SPEED practice

Graphing Activity

Join Edmodo group
SPEED triangle
Tuesday, Dec 3
EQ: How do you differentiate between velocity and acceleration?

Speed Formula and Motion Graph REVIEW

Dont know the answer? Just

Solving for SPEED and graphing practice

Velocity and Acceleration notes
Let's make our own!
1. (Copy this!)
3. Using time intervals, describe the motion of the object.
From 0-2 hr the car is ___________.
From 2-3 hr the car is __________..

2. Create a position-time graph using the data. Plot time on the x-axis and position on the y-axis.
Motion of a car
- What's being
to you in a problem.

- the
, what do you need to solve for?

- the
you will be using.

the variables you were given into the
equation (with correct units).

Just G.U.E.S.S
in position
of an object divided by the time and includes

-can be
-is a vector
(describes motion with
direction and magnitude)
-indicates how fast something moves
- is a
- defined as the
at which an object
changes its velocity.
- An object is accelerating if it is
changing its speed or direction.
Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013
Ess Question: How do you solve for distance, time or speed using the Speed Formula?
Activating Strategy:

Video Tutorials DUE TODAY! & Speed Calculations Worksheet due TOMORROW!:)
Direct Teach:
Review how to score presentations using a rubric
Student Presentations in class as peers complete a rubric
Graphic Organizer:
Video Presentation/Student Independent Practice Calculations
Speed, Time, Distance, Motion, Velocity, Graphs, Acceleration

Thursday, Dec. 5
Essential Question:
How do you determine
if you are graphing speed, velocity
or acceleration?
Activating Strategy:
Beetle Care
Turn In Half Sheet
Direct Teach:

Lab Instructions
The Beetle Lab
Graphic Organizer:
Data Tables and Chart paper with lines drawn
Demonstrate: Data Analysis
Speed, Time, Distance, Motion, Velocity, Graphs, Acceleration

Friday, Dec. 6
Essential Question:
How do you determine if you are graphing speed, velocity or acceleration?

Half Sheet
Direct Teach:
Lab Pt 2 Instructions
The Beetle Lab Pt.2
Graphic Organizer:
Data Tables and Graphs
Demonstrate: Common Assessment
If time allows, finish any incomplete work, Go Animate presentations, etc.

Essential Question:
What do balanced forces have to do
with motion?

Activating Strategy:
Tablecloth Trick
YouTube Video

Direct Teach:
Book IT! Student Demo
and explanation.

First Law Activity Stations

Monday Dec. 9, 2013
Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013
Essential Question:
What does an unbalanced force create? Why?
Activating Strategy:
Newton’s First Law: YouTube Video
Direct Teach:
Review 1st Law Definition, Write the Law into your Notes Page 48
Finish First Law Activity Stations
Fill in First Law Notes using Word Bank
Pass out graded work, finish any missing assignments

Wednesday, Dec. 11,2013
Essential Question:
What are some causes or examples
of unbalanced forces?
Activating Strategy:
Newton’s Law’s Song and Rap
Direct Teach:
Go over Lab Instructions
Car Crashes
Fill out data and answer questions.

Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013
1. Pick up Homework

2. Take Science Diagnostic Exam

3. Missing Work/Late Work/Get
Mon Dec. 16, 2013

Essential Question:
Why must we study unbalanced forces?
Activating Strategy
Caption This:

Direct Teach:
Powperpoint notes on Newton's Laws
Fill in the note pages posted around room
Independent practice calculating NET FORCE
Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013

Essential Question:
Will a smaller mass always accelerate faster?
Activating Strategy
You Tube Videos on 2nd and 3rd laws
Edmodo Poll:
Vote on your incentive for 97% REACHing diagnostic test goals.
Direct Teach:
Powperpoint notes on Newton's 2nd/3rd Laws
Explain the laws to eachother, draw a picture representing each one

Wed. 12/18
Essential Question:
How do you manipulate the Force formula to solve for M or A?
Activating Strategy
97% REACHing diagnostic test goals.
Direct Teach:
Notes on Force Calculations
Independent practice
TEK 8.11A-C Producer/Consumer/Predator/Prey/Ecosystems
Essential Question:
What is the importance of studying Predator/Prey relationships?
Activating Strategy
Predator/Prey Video
Direct Teach:
Predator/Prey Notes
Create Your Own Foldable
Jan. 6, 2014
Jan. 7, 2014
TEK 8.11A-C Producer/Consumer/Predator/Prey/Ecosystems
Essential Question:
What is the importance of studying Predator/Prey relationships?
Activating Strategy:
Predator/Prey Video
Review: Yesterday's foldable
Powerpoint slides-Identify the relationship
With a partner, answer and illustrate the following-
Describe a situation where YOU might be a participant in either a Parasite/Host, Predator/Prey, or Consumer/Producer relationship.
Jan. 8, 2014
TEK 8.11A-C Producer/Consumer/Predator/Prey/Ecosystems
Essential Question:
Why should we care about feeding relationships and ecosystems?
Activating Strategy:
Find your Prey!:)
Review: Definitions
Play Game: Mice Dice
Jan. 9, 2014
TEKS: 6.12D Identify basic characteristics of Organisms including Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic, Kingdoms, Domain
Essential Question:
Why are organisms grouped into kingdoms?
Activating Strategy:
Card Sort - Match the definitons to vocab
Vocab Definitions
Fill in Notes based on vocabulary, Icons for vocabulary
Essential Question: What was the early theory of continental drift, who developed it, and when was it developed?

YouTube Video:

Activation Strategy: Continental Puzzle Pieces-then show this pic and review-http://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/dynamic/historical.html

Explore: Think-Pair-Share

1 Do you think the super continent of Pangaea could have existed?

2 In 1596, Dutch map maker Abraham Ortelius noted he believed the continents were once connected. Why do you think a cartographer would come to this conclusion?

3 What additional evidence do you think helps prove the continents were once connected?

4 If the continents were once connected as the continent of Pangaea, what must have occurred between then and now to create the continents that exist today?

Explain: Video on Pangaea -

Demonstrate: Glue Gondwanaland into INB's then write and answer the following questions:

What clues did you use to help reunite Gondwanaland?

Why do you think Wegener believed the fossils were evidence that supported his Theory of Continental Drift?

HOMEWORK: History of Plate Tectonics (due Wednesday)
Essential Question: What is the difference between the asthenosphere and the lithosphere?

Activation Strategy: Video on Plate Tectonics -

Graphic Organizer: Review Guide for Plate Tectonics

Explain: Difference between asthenosphere and lithosphere. (stop video at that point)

Demonstrate: Answer questions to review guide within time allotted.
Essential Question:
How do contour lines tell you the height of a land feature?

Activation Strategy:
Topo Maps Video

Maps in 3D

Graphic Organizer:
Students will draw map from 3D object and take notes

Video, plus teacher limited lecture

Students will demonstrate knowledge by filling out practice sheet on reading topo maps
Thursday Jan. 30
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