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03.04 Central and South American Legacies and Contributions

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antonio smith

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of 03.04 Central and South American Legacies and Contributions

bowl used for mixing various things for medicine or eating.
But it was mainly used for medicine making.There was not a lot of toolds back then to work with so this bowl was very valuable. Sacrificing tool. This table was made for crushing and making chocolate.This is another valuable item.Chocolate was very popular on the homeland and for trade.This was a necessity. A chipped stone that was universal for multiple uses.Some of those uses were for hunting,cutting away at grass,and for hand to hand combat agaisnt other tribes. An Obsidian knife.Very rare to obtain.Only with lava could you obtain this tool.As the lava cools,this is the result.The men then attached a handle at the end of it and carved the stone
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