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mohtashim Shakir

on 29 March 2014

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The rising action in this story is that Coke and Pepsi's teacher is part of "The Genius Files' her name is Mrs.Higgins and is trying to kill Coke and Pepsi but they do not know so Coke and Pepsi were in detention and after Mrs.Higgins left the room and burnt down the school but there janitor they called Bones saved them and told them that Mrs.Higgins is bad and Bones is part of "The Genius Files" and Mya too and there good guys and told them about Dr.Herman Warsaw and other thing about "The Genius Files".But Coke and Pepsi didn't want to be in "The Genius Files but it was a "Do Or Die" situation so they chose "Do" and they were now part of the Genius files also they were soon going on a cross-country trip with there parents across America to go to there aunt's wedding in an R.V. and will be chased all across America by bowler hat guys from California to Washington D.C.
The Climax in this story is that when Coke and Pepsi start there trip across America the bowler hat people start chasing them and they try to get away from them and before going to there aunt's wedding they want to go see the largest ball of twine in Kansas , first they go to the Pez museum,then they went to the singing sand dunes where the sand almost sings and were almost killed by bowler hat people by being thrown in a pit of sand to dehydrate.After they went really far seeing lots of different stuff then they went to the largest ball of twine and met Bones and Mya and told them that they had to go to the other largest ball of twine in the world in Minnesota and they keep getting these messages saying that they have to be at The House On The Rock on June 25.
The exposition in this story is that there are two twins the boys' name is coke and the girls' is Pepsi and are the main characters.They are both really smart and can figure things out quickly. There is also a man named Dr.Herman Warsaw he was almost killed in 911 but he is lucky plus he started a program called "The Genius Files" and put the most smart kids in it so Coke and Pepsi were in.But now Dr.Herman Warsaws plan is not going well so he is terminating most kids in the program (literally) and he will do anything to accomplish that.He sent out people with bowler hats to kill them.But Dr.Herman Warsaws' plan might work or maybe not.What do you think?One day after school they both were walking home and a bowler hat guy was chasing them then a women named Mya saved them by telling them to jump off a cliff with wing suits and they survived.

Hi, my name is Mohtashim and I will be talking about my book which is called "The Genius Files".In this book I will be talking about the main characters,what the book is about,the exposition, rising action, climax (very important), falling action, and last but not least the resolution. This book takes place in U.S.A and this story will take us all over the United states.So I hope you enjoy my presentation!!!

The resolution is that when they keep getting notes from these people they get frustrated and don't know where the The House On The Rock so they get worried and said that when there's a sign which says The House On The Rock (T.H.O.T.R) they'll go to it but after they went and saw the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota there was and attack where all the bowler hat people were trying to kill Coke and Pepsi but Bones and Mya saved them and they got away and after Bones and Mya told them where T.H.O.T.R was and went there and asked there mom and dad and said "yes".When they arrived at T.H.O.T.R it was a tourist place when the y went inside the bowler hat people were chasing them and ran so much and they never knew where they were going so they went into the infinity room where Dr.Herman Warsaw was standing beside tied up Bones and Mya chained and also Dr.Herman Warsaw was trying to kill them and Coke and Pepsi were surprised and then the Doctor told them to jump in the box because the infinity room was suspended in high air and wasn't supported so if they jump they'd die and the bowler hat people were pushing them toward the box.
The resolution is that when the Doctor was trying to kill them Coke used on of his karate moves on the doctor and the bowler hat people and they all fel to the ground then when they all got up Coke and Pepsi both pushed the Doctor in the box and the Doctor fell to his death and the bowler hat people just ran away because they were scared and then untied Bones and Mya and they were all safe for now.After everyone got out of the infinity room Bones and Mya went away to help some other kids in The Genius Files organization and Coke and Pepsi never told there parents what just happend but if they did they would be in lots of trouble so they just kept there mouths shut and they went on with there journey to Washington D.C.. THE STORY ENDS HERE BUT THE SERIES CONTINUES SO READ THE OTHER BOOKS "THE GENIUS FILES":)
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