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Unit 2, Lesson 23

No description

erika steinger

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Unit 2, Lesson 23

Unit 2, Lesson 23
Origin of Halloween:
Origin of Halloween:
All Saints Day/All Hallows Eve was a celebration of the Catholic Church
A time to remember all of the martyrs
Creative Writing
Do Now
People wore costumes to look like spirits in the hopes of fooling them
Accountable Talk
Practice accountable talk
Wait until the person is finished talking before raising your hand
Person speaking chooses the next person to share
Symbols of Halloween
Copy down the Lesson EQ and the word of the day
Answer the following questions in your notebook:
Thursday, October 30th
When you think of Halloween, what images come to mind? What do these images symbolize?
What is the origin/purpose of Halloween?
It is said that Halloween originated over 2,000 years ago
The Celtics believed that this time, a transition between seasons, was a bridge between the living and the dead
On Halloween the dead can walk amongst the living
Ghosts were believed to walk among the living on this special day.

Pumpkins were turned into jack-o-lanterns by carving grotesque faces into them. These were created to ward off evil spirits.
Original, treats were left on doorsteps in order to keep the spirits at bay
In recent years, denying treats ran the risk of being tricked or pranked
Work with your table to create a Halloween story
Pass around the paper
Each group member will write one sentence, continuing on with the story
Begin with the following sentence:
It was Halloween night and the wind was howling.
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