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SCPS Systems

No description

Lin Zhang

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of SCPS Systems

Societal Cyber-Physical System
Lin Zhang, Associate Professor

Social Optimality
Under given overall resource constraints
Every individual collaboratively to reach a behavioral consensus such that
Social resources are sufficiently utilized
Personal utility are optimized

Nash Equilibrium
Selfish individuals compose a society lack of trust
Non-cooperative game reaches an equilibrium such that
Nobody can improve his utility by changing only his own strategy
Nobody is satisfied
Resource are under utilized
How can we trigger evolving from the Nash Equilibrium to the Social Optimality?
Nash Equilibrium
Social Optimal
Social Physical Sensing
Remove the mist
Through sensing and computing power, recover the knowledge of physical world and societal systems.
Noise reduction
System status recovery
Causal Relation Learning
Network Inference
Behavioral Consensus Motivating
Using information, monetary or social methods, to change the individual and group's behaviors, so as to reach a consensus point where overall well-being can be improved.
Reduce Friction
Individuals Influencing
Group Consensus Motivating
Sensor Denoising
Inferring Unknown States
Mining Social Behavior
Causal Relation Inference
Correlation Learning
System Parameter Identification
Causal Relation Inference
Learn to Recognition Images
Will good minds help?
Will拍Pain Help?
Finite Dimension
Sequential Arrival
Infinite Length
Finite dimension from Infinite Dimensional Space
Beliefs of the cognition subjects
Given for knowledge mining

Projection of the data
on the structure
Will money help?
Economy People
Individual Utility Optimizing
Monetary method
Information method
Social People
Social Optimality Seeking

Smog in Beijing
Social Unrest
for Environment Safety
Traffic Peak inducing Social Problem
Achieving Social Optimality through Ubiquitous Sensing and Synergizing
Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute
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