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Does Music Affect Productivity?

No description

Serfia Almitchso

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Does Music Affect Productivity?

Observations - Some people thought that the heavy metal was distracting Conclusion Music and the type of music does affect you and has the ability to distract you and make you lose concentration. This though does not mean that music will always decrease productivity and focus. We predicted that heavier or angrier types of music (such as heavy metal) would slow down productivity. We also predicted that lighter, happier types of music would speed up productivity. Overview:
We tested the effects of how different genres of contrasting music (specifically heavy metal and pop) affected productivity for people between the ages of 12-15. 1.No Music -17. 32 s
2.Happy - 19.86 s
3. Metal - 20.11 s Does Music Affect Your Productivity? by Sofia Alfonso Sera Verzosa & Independent variables Dependent variables Controls Results & Data - Others also thought that the happy music was just as distracting - People found color the easiest to sort Materials: -things we have them sort
-the music that they listen to while doing the experiment -the time that it takes to finish the task -each task without music at least once per participant 1. Metal/Colour- 12.97 s
2. No Music/Colour- 13.18 s
3. No Music/Shape- 13.32 s
4. Happy/Colour- 16.16 s
5. Happy/Shape- 21.02 s
6. Metal/Word- 21.85 s
7. Happy/Word- 22.40 s
8. Metal/Shape- 25.51 s
9. No Music/Word- 25.52 s 1. Colour- 14.10 s
2. Shape- 19.95 s
3. Word- 32.25 s Averages: Combined Averages: Sorting Averages: Music Our initial prediction was that happier music would help your productivity and that angrier or harsher types of music would slow down your productivity. Although we found that angrier or harsher music did slow down the speed of completing the task, the happier music slowed it down by almost the same amount of time. Participants on average did best without music. In general, we found that someone's ability to complete the task quickly depended on the participant's preference in music and ability to focus (not be distracted by the music). We conclude that while in general listening to music can affect your productivity, it doesn't affect it by much and varies from person to person. Amount of participants: 39 Number of tests run: 116 Variables Procedure First, the cubes were placed in front of the participant. The experiment was then explained to them. Headphones with music playing were placed on the participant. The participant then sorted the cubes into colour, shape or word. This process was repeated twice afterward, sorting with different music playing and different categories to sort by.
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