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English project

No description

Rob Wolf

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of English project

In Pursuit of Forever Rob Wolf
English 150 Romantic love, according to the popular images
in our society look like this:
or... this The reality tends to be a little different Depending on which source you read,
the U.S. divorce rate is around 50% for
first time marriages. So what is the secret to success that 50%
of married couples have found? 1. Conflict Resolution Styles of conflict resolution that
work well together greatly increases
the chance of relational success. The simple truth is that there is no
definative secret to their success.

However, research has been done
on the topic.

Here are a few indicators of successful
relationships: 2. Positive Feelings Research has shown that the power of
positive thought may be a stong indicator
of a person's chance at success in a
Put another way, people who believe in
romantic destiny were shown to have
higher success rates in relationships. 3. Attachment Style This refers to the way in which a child
develops a relationship with at least one
primary caretaker. This theory is being applied to adult
relationships, showing interesting
trends in adults with negative attachment
styles. The negative attachment styles are
preoccupied, dismissing, and fearful People with these negative styles often
attract partners who tend to display
behavioral patterns that are detrimental
to relationship functioning. To sum it up... There may not be one key to a successful relationship, but there are a few indicators one can be aware of. Conflict resolution style Positive feelings Attachment style A complimentary style is beneficial Belief in destiny can be beneficial Being aware of your attachment style may be beneficial Any Questions?
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