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an amazing fly fishing prizi

Jennifer James

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of FLY FISHING

-split shots, fly floatant -fishing access points It's More Than a Sport By Cadence James-Rathbun GEAR -flies -fly rod and reel -fly line -leader -protection -license Additional Gear -strike indicator -fly box -line clippers -forceps -net -wadders -waterproof camera Fly Fishing Lifetime Sport Nicholas age 6 Dominic
age 8 Mark Umile http://www.warriorsandquietwaters.org Warriors and Quiet Waters Lifetime Sport -almost any age Tom O'Connor (vice president and secretary) -Stream Access Law -Blue Ribbon Fisheries Yellowstone, Gallatin, Madison Rivers -You live in one of the best places in the world to fly fish. -Mark Umile Missouri River Rock Creek Blackfoot River Bitterroot River Clark Fork River Yellowstone River Gallatin River Madison River Flies Types of Flies Dry Flies Wet Flies Nymphs Streamers Variety of Flies FLY FISHING Casting Methods -Overhead cast -Alternate casting to avoid obstacles -change direction -Distance? Water Condition? Fly Fishing is a Lifetime Sport -can do it at almost any age -with a variety of physical and Fly Fishing Teaches Day to Day Life Skills Fly Fishing Connects You to the Outdoors in Informative and Personal Ways -patience
-attention to detail
-ethics mental conditions Fly Fishing Day to Day Skills Day to Day Skills -patience -attention to detail -ethics Patience "You have to be patience to get fish because the first time you're probably not going to catch any fish." (Nicholas Umile, age 6) Attention to Detail Ethics Connection to "A guy who's really good at fly fishing is really good at observing what is happening around him. And the focus on attention to detail is honed in and it helps you. It's all about attention to detail. And the number one strategy is to be able to read the water." -Mark Umile Reading the Water -riffle
-pocket water
-current seams
-eddy Most common current
and water types: "Trout only live in certain types of water. They hang in transition areas of fast and slow, deep and shallow, dark and light, night and day. That's where you are going to find them-in transitional waters."
-Mark Umile Seasons and the Weather "Trout only live in certain types of water. It has to be relatively fast moving and cold and clean. If the warmest it gets is 62 degrees, there will be trout there. The reason why we have so many trout in our rivers and streams is because everything here is fed by mountain run off and that keeps the rivers cold. So if you have a year where there’s not much snow in the mountains, then by August, when it starts to get low and warm, they wont actually let you fish. Because once it gets above 70 degrees, you don’t want to be fishing there because chances of it dying after fighting you is higher. So you have to have basic knowledge about the weather and seasons in your area."
-Mark Umile Fly Tying and Entomology -what the bugs look like
-different stages of life
-what bugs are in the area? "There are thousands of different flies. For example, there are numerous types of mayflies, then within the mayfly species, there are different life stages that you have to imitate. There’s the nymphal stage of the mayfly, the emerging stage of the mayfly, the adult stage and the spent or spinner stage of the mayfly. That’s four life stages that you imitate for one bug, then there are 430 different types of mayflies in the United States."
-Mark Umile Rules Respect "More than any other sport that I can think of, there is a set of ethics that come with fly fishing. Do's and don'ts, and you're supposed to know those before you go out onto the river. It has to do with generally being considerate of other guys."
-Mark Umile Do's and Don'ts Catch and Release "Since they have killed and seen others killed, catch and release is a "different perspective on life, so it aids in the healing process."
-Tom O'Connor,
Warriors and Quiet Waters "We release because to a serious fly fisher that fish is more important in the river than in the pan. If everyone starts killing all the fish in the river every time they catch one, there isn't going to be anything to fish in a really short amount of time."
-Mark Umile "On most rivers, a good rule of thumb is that if you can hear the other guy talking, you’re too close. You don’t just come stomping in on someone’s ground. You have to ask to fish with someone. There’s a set of ethics...The other thing that you do is when you typically fish a stream you move. You don’t just stand in one spot. You move to those likely spots. So now you’re traveling. So if you come across another guy while traveling, you don’t come right up on him, you make a big loop around him and then you come back into the river, so that you aren’t interfering with his run. So ethics and being polite is very important."
-Mark Umile the Outdoors Peaceful Beautiful Knowledgeable "Fly fishing gets in your blood. The first time I hooked a trout, I thought I died and went to
I’ll probably be doing it when I drop dead. Hopefully I’ll be in a river when I drop dead.
That would be really nice.
Everyone could say that he died
doing what he loves to do."
-Mark Umile Life time sport FLY FISHING Lifetime Sport Life Skills Connection to the Outdoors Every Day Life PTSD and Warriors and Quiet Waters "For a lot of us, fly fishing is therapy: being on the river where it's quiet and peaceful. It's a really enjoyable thing to do." -Tom O'Connor "Day to day life is stressful no matter who you are and what you do. When you get out there you're renewed. All that stress comes off you and you're doing what you do when you're happy. You get out and feel good again."
-Mark Umile "I like the day I get up first thing in the morning and get up before anyone else to get out on the river. I like when the sun comes up and I see where I am...The thing about trout is that they live in beautiful places. Beautiful places! They live in beautiful mountain regions, so you can always stop and look around and say, 'Oh, my god! Look where I am!'" -Mark Umile "The fish are really beautiful to see and hold."
-Dominic Umile (age 8) "It's beautiful and there's a lot of
wildlife." -Nicholas Umile (age 6) Entomology Knowing the Waters Knowledge of Land Animals- "If you're tying flies using fur and feathers, you have to know the qualities of those animals to make quality flies." -Mark Umile Casting Methods Video Montana's Native Fish Bull Trout Cutthroat Trout "I catch trout and salmon because that was what the sport was intended for." -Mark Umile "I like catching Cutthroat trout because they are native trout and they're just really pretty. And I like catching them because they give you a fun fight and they fight good. And they're big, too." -Dominic Umile (age 8) "It doesn't matter what you catch. There are a lot of white fish considered trash fish, but they are just as much fun as catching anything."
-Mark Umile
-Dominic Umile
-Nicholas Umile

-Tom O'Connor with
Warriors and Quiet Waters -Rainbow Trout
-Brook Trout
-Brown Trout -variety of physical and mental conditions -Lifetime sport that you can
do at almost any age. -Lifetime sport that you can do
with a variety of physical and
mental conditions. Montana Waters Circle of Fly Fishing "From the little bit of experience that I have, I've learned that fly fishing really does teach you a lot of skills." -Cadence James-Rathbun
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