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Hockey Assignment (Presentation)

School Assessment (PE Unit 6 - Hockey)

Firas Mohamad

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Hockey Assignment (Presentation)

Hockey Assignment History = Ice Hockey History = Floor Hockey Hockey = Field Hockey AOI and Unit Question The Origin of Ice Hockey is in Canada in the early 19th Century. Ice Hockey is based on similar sports in Europe. Around 1860, a puck was used instead of a ball. Robertson and Smith, who are students at the McGill University, have devised the first rules in 1879.
Ice Hockey became the Canadian National Sport. and spread throughout the country. The First Olympic Games that included Ice Hockey were the Antwerp Summer Games in 1920. In 1992, Women's Ice Hockey was recognized as an Olympic Sport Floor Hockey is a type of Hockey that is evolved from Ice Hockey. Tom Harter, who is the director of Civic Recreation in Battle Creek, Michigan, has introduced the New Game of Floor Hockey.
The Instructions of Tom Harter to PE Teacher, Coaches and Athletic Directors was very beneficial to the worldly spread popularity of Floor Hockey. The main countries were this is popular is Canada and the United States. The Origin of Field Hockey was placed around 4,000 years back in World History. Ancient Civilizations such as the Romans or the Greeks have played a form of Field Hockey.
Modern Field Hockey is traced back to the 1850s in England, In England, the first Hockey Association was found. Field Hockey's popularity is mostly due to the Soldiers of the British Army. AOI = Environment

Unit Question = How does Climate affect the Type of Hockey that is played? A Presentation by:

Firas Mohamad

Physical Health Education

Grade 7A

Unit 6 - Hockey Rules = Floor Hockey • Game starts with a Face – Off
• No Offside Rule
• Each Team consists of 6 Players
• Hockey Stick needs to be touched with 2 hands
• Stick should not be over the height of your waist
• Players may not use Hands or Feet
• Flicking the puke is not allowed
• Goal cannot be scored off of the Face – Off or directly from the out of bounds..
• 3 Halves of 20 Minutes
• Players can be penalized due to the violation Rules = Field Hockey • 11 Players on the Field (Including Goalkeeper)
• 2 Halves of 30 Minutes
• Attacker must be in the Striking Circle to Score a Goal
• Players may not Charge, Shove, Trip or Hit the Opponent
• Ball is only allowed to be passed or dribbled with the flat surface of the Hockey Stick
• No body checking or stick-checking
• There is no Offside Rule
• Players can be penalized due to the violation Rules = Ice Hockey • Played in a Ice Rink
• Three 20 Minute periods
• Maximum of 6 players in the Rink
• One Referee is in the Rink, while other referees are outside the Rink
• Hockey Stick needs to have on one end a curved blade
• Body Contact (Hitting and Pushing) is allowed
• Players can be penalized for up to 5 Minutes
• Players can be penalized due to the violation India Type of Hockey = Floor Hockey

India is a ideal country to play Floor Hockey because Floor Hockey is played in a warm environment. India is located in the south of Asia. This means that it is warm there since India is close to the Equator. Ice Hockey cannot be played in India because in India it is too hot so the Ice would melt.. Playing Field Hockey in India would cause damage on the Astroturf. The astroturf should be located in a place where it is neither hot nor cold. Therefore, in India Floor Hockey is played rather than in Canada or Germany. Germany Type of Hockey = Field Hockey

The Climate in Germany is neither to cold nor to warm (depending on the season). Therefore, playing Hockey outside is optimal. The type of Hockey that can be played outside is Field Hockey. Field Hockey can be played in Germany instead of India or Canada. In Canada it is too cold and in the other hand, India is too warm. Field Hockey is played on Artificial Turf, and because of the Climate in Germany, the astroturf will not be affected through the Climate. Canada Type of Hockey = Ice Hockey

Canada is located in the north, which means that it is cold there. There is no possibility to play Field Hockey or Floor Hockey in Canada. However, there is a lot of ice (iced lakes). Field Hockey is played on Astroturf and the Climate in Canada would effect the Astroturf. Floor Hockey is played in hot countries, and as mentioned, it is too cold in Canada to play Floor Hockey.
Ice Hockey is also played in Canada instead of India or Germany since Ice Hockdy is the National Sport of Canada. Livestrong.com. Livestrong.com, n.d. Web. 26 May 2013.

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