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Nokia Brand Repositioning (MKTG1126)

Brand Management

Sasiphadtrara Ni

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of Nokia Brand Repositioning (MKTG1126)

Perception of traditional mobile phone
Negative brand image
Cannot keep up-to-date with technology and consumer trend
Sales Decrease
Nokia's global smartphones market share from 2007 to 2012
Source: Gartner, IDC
Weakened Brand
Nokia drops in global brand ranking
Arrogant advertising and brand
Emergence of competitive rivalries
In 2002, Blackberry
In 2007, Apple
In 2010, Samsung
"Connecting people by offering great and affordable mobile products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer."
New Target Market
Busy working women who do not need the advanced technology devices
Overburdened; out of balance between work and life
interactive design, personal experience, work and play smart phone
Young and tech-savvy is Nokia's main target market.
Busy Women
innovative, cutting-edge technology, world class design, premium high-end products
life style, simplicity, creative, casual, friendly products
slick product design for corporate executive users
innovative, stylish ,reliable and trust worthy products
Brand Repositioning by
Sasiphadtrara N. (Phad) S3361898
Paweena P. (May) S3311166

Strong brand image
The largest mobile phone manufacturer in 1998
Globally largest network of selling and distribution
Exceptional consumer relationship
Before we get started, here is how Nokia has been doing so far.
Problems are not tiny ...
They are BIG problems!
Take a closer look on the Nokia brand positioning and target market.
Nokia Brand Positioning
To be back the way Nokia was, it needs to reposition itself.
We will start with some facts and market analyses.
Most competitors have positioned themselves as being differentiated, innovative and using advanced technology in order to increase consumer satisfaction.
Nokia does not need to chase after the same target market as competitors.
The number of smartphone users divided by woman 47% and men 53%.
People between the ages of 25 and 44 are the two most likely group to own a smartphone.
The highest smartphone penetration comes from people aged 25 to 44 which is 58%.
66% of iPhone user are men.
61% of Samsung users are men.
72% of women have the greatest influence over purchasing and consumption in their family.
Most women in their age of 25 - 44 are either working, raising their family or BOTH.

Biggest competitors (Apple & Samsung) have already captured most of male consumers.
Conclusion of Facts and Analyses
Nokia shouldn't compete with Apple and Samsung.
Women's market is huge but left unsatisfied.
Then whom should Nokia be targeting??
What are busy woman's characteristics?
Do not care about product functionalities
Care about product benefits
Rank themselves second or last
Want to look good, feel good and express personal style
Multi-taskers; playing multiple roles

Here is 3C model for repositioning Nokia
Want a product that assists their everyday life

Effective time management

Need work/life balance

Seek for value and satisfaction from products or services they buy

Look for practical products that are convenient to use

Need more time to take care of their own personal lives

Seek apparels or accessories that make them feel good
Solid performance and durable products

Sustainable technology

Ability to think outside the box

Have strong partnerships

Global distribution channels

Globally well-known brand

Product diversity
New Positioning
3 Words
Ease your life
Perceptual Map
Product's benefits
Product features
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