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Language in the CLIL Maths and Science Classroom

Dealing with English vocabulary in CLIL classes.

Robin Yu

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Language in the CLIL Maths and Science Classroom

Look at a lesson you have.
Find different chunks in it.
How do you teach what they are?
How do you raise awareness of their importance?
How do you teach learners to notice them?
What can you do on the board?
Do you get involved in how your students organise vocabulary?
see p23 - p26 of the handbook
In your school, who has responsibility for teaching general academic vocabulary?
Is the teaching of this vocabulary systematised? Who checks these systems?

570 words
There is little need for CLIL teachers to be concerned with the different terms.
The catch-all name "chunks" indicates words that commonly go together.
How can this be used?
Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (informal, contextualised)
Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (formal, decontextualised)

(Not uncontroversial) work of Jim Cummins
BICS - six months to two years to develop in a bilingual school
CALP - five to seven years even with help outside a bilingual school
Another set of terms:
context-embedded and context-reduced
"Look! It's making them move but those didn't stick."
"Magnetic attraction occurs only between ferrous metals."
Do you teach lexis. If so, how?
What principles are involved in deciding what to teach?
Also accessible from "Scoop it CLIL course links" page
Be selective
Encourage guessing
Discovery education puzzlemaker
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