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Dark Water Rising

No description

Crystal Rodriguez

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Dark Water Rising

Dark Water Rising
By: Marian Hale
Main Character
-He is about to be 17
-Oldest child
-He wants to be a builder like his dad but his dad wants him to be a doctor instead
-He doesn't like to be the oldest child because he has to do everything for his younger siblings
Rising Action
On a train heading to Galveston, Texas to sort of start anew life.They are looking forward to heading to Galveston, Texas to start their new life their as a family.
Falling Action
-In the beginning of the story is in a train which is when they were heading to Galveston, Texas
-Now they finally got to Galveston,Texas to live their instead of were they use to live.
He really was just looking forward to hanging out with Ben. Ben was a little older than Seth but they actually got along. Ben told Seth real cool things that he did in Galveston Bay, such as fishing,the type of fish he caught and how fun it all is. Seth was also looking forward for swimming in the gulf.
The climax in this story is that there has been a storm that started in the Galveston Bay and Gulf. While meanwhile Thomas and Eliza haven't came home yet since the storm started but Seth did get to his uncles Nate's home safe. Although he was safe he wanted to head to his own home to see if everyone was okay. While a boy named Josiah has gone with him to help Seth. They went through a lot to get to Seth's home. As they finally got there Seth saw a note in his room and it was from his dad saying " We all headed to uncle Nate's house to be safe and he said hope you are safe."
After all that happened Seth and Josiah decided to go to a neighbors home since Seth's home was braking down. They both spend the their time there through the storm and then 4 more people cam in to the house. After a long night everyone can hear each other clearly so as they looked outside they saw that the storm has finished but didn't want to head outside right away. Then everyone in the house deiced to head out and search for people that could have survived. As they entered uncle Nate's house everyone was safe but Ben,uncle Nate and Mr.Covington have not came home after 2 days so Thomas (Seth's Dad) has gone out to look for them. As he came back everyone was already gone.

After all the search for Ben, and Uncle Nate no good news has came up. Meanwhile a man helping people that survived asked Thomas if he can help him re-build the rail road tracks to send food to Galveston. After Thomas agreed Seth went back home and everyone started to re-build aunt Julia's home. But he was pretty depressed because some people that were outside walking took Josiah away and the Seth didn't see him. After a day Josiah returned and everyone was glad and happy. In October 22 everyone could have returned to one certain school and by then Seth graduated and he was able to follow in his dads footsteps.
Rhetorical Devises
Hyphenated Modifier
-"Yes-s-s-s ma'am,"
-"Why would you think that?"
-"Are you mad at Josiah and Ezra about something?"
-That is pile of houses is as big as mountain!!!
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