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Hetero Drugs Presentation

SAP Migration from P-Series to X-Series

Phani Arava

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Hetero Drugs Presentation

Hetero Drugs Ltd.
SAP Migration P-Series
to Intel 64 bit Linux

SAT Infotech Pvt Ltd
Linux and its evolution
Why should you migrate ?
SAT InfoTech is leading IT Solutions Company delivering robust, scalable and cost- effective solutions in SAP Consulting, Implementation and
Support services. The objective of the company is to deploy and support SAP ERP, Unix/Linux OS and Open source technologies in IT solutions,
software development, software services and training
Linux has taken over the enterprise class. It has evolved from a poor-mans UNIX to a stable and reliable enterprise class operating system.
More Open

More Stable

More Reliable
Enterprise Support
Hardware Support
Software Support
More Solutions
High Availability
Disaster Recovery
AIX Unix
Business Challenges
Cost Reduction
Demand for Performance
Platform Strategy
IT Budget
Increasing Costs
Support & Maintenance
Power & Cooling Costs
Server Utilization
Space / Consolidation
Power & Cooling
HW, OS, SW Refresh
Human Resources
New Projects
User Growth
Regulatory Requirements
Need for More Solutions
Need for more Integrations
Need a new platform for Innovation
SAP on SUSE Linux
High Availability
Disaster Recovery
CloudStack, Openstack
Drupal, Joomla
Oracle Apps
Web-Services , SOA
Cost Advantage
Disaster Recovery
SAP Infra at fraction of cost
5 years Maintenance Included !!
At the same cost of your present
P-Series AMC
Conversion from two-tier to three-tier
High Availability across the Infrastructure
Increase AppServers based on load, increment of users
Disaster Recovery Site for your entire Server environment
Minimum RPO and RTO
Reduced Power/Cooling Costs
Hardware designed for 150% of your present SAPs
Easier scalability with the conversion to 3-tier infrastructure
Thank You
Service Offerings
SAP ERP Implementation
SAP Upgrade
Value-Drive SAP Enhancement Services
SAP Managed Maintenance
SAP QA & Testing
SAP Technical Monitoring
SAP Solution Manager Implementation
Budgetary Quotes
Hewlett Packard : 1.62 Cr
IBM*: 2.57Cr
Dell: **
* Without price of 10g Switches
Citrix Platinum Edition : 15000$ = 8.25 lacs
VMWARE Licensing : 20832$ + 195$*Number of VMs = 11.45 lacs + 10,275*(Number of VMs)
Migration Quote for P-Series to X-Series : 9 lacs
VMWARE Consolidation : 3 lacs
** Waiting for Price
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