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Criminology: Law Abiding Citizen

No description

Brandon Lohwinow

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Criminology: Law Abiding Citizen

Criminology Law Abiding Citizen
Instructor: Amanda Scala
January 14, 2013
PFP 201

Haley Hodge
Dylan Wood
Jay Watson
Brandon Lohwinow Introduction Movie Summary
Description of theoretical framework
Three examples of how our theory is demonstrated in the movie
Conclusion Movie Summary Description of Theoretical Framework Clyde Shelton's family is murdered
Ames is wrongfully convicted of being the murderer of the family and 10 years later is then sentenced to the death penalty
Chemical alteration by who is thought to be Darby (Ames partner in crime) leads to an agonizing death penalty of lethal injection for Ames
Shelton then come's into contact with Darby then paralyzes him and tortures him
The next day SWAT takes Shelton down
Shelton then confesses to the alteration of the lethal injection of Ames and also to the killing of Darby in trade for benefits in jail Clyde Shelton
Clarence Darby
Rupert Ames
Nick Rice Characters Consensus model
Conflict model
Interactionist model Movie Summary Continued Movie Summary Continued Shelton kills his cell mate because he wants to be put into solitary confinement which is in the basement
Shelton has tunnels leading from all solitary confinement cells to a nearby industrial building that he owns
Shelton says that "anyone that was involved will die"
The district attorney catches onto the fact that Shelton had been sneaking out at night and planting bombs in multiple locations that were meant to kill people involved in his families case
Rice then plants one of the bombs Shelton had in Shelton's cell leaving him to kill himself Conclusion Clyde Shelton ends up tampering with the lethal injection used to kill Rupert Ames which makes his death agonizing
Shelton also kills Clarence Darby by torturing him
In the end Shelton calls in to detonate the bomb that he thought was in city hall but little did he know that Nick Rice placed the bomb under his cell bed

Consensus model- A general agreement within society to create laws that accommodate everyone
Conflict model- Favours the ruling class and not the majority
Interactionist model- Different groups competing for power References Adler, M. L. (2012). Criminology.
Gray, F. G. (Director). (2009). Law Abiding Citizen [Motion Picture].
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